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“It’s hard to raise a child when you’re still a child.” – Anonymous

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Teenage Pregnancy Essays

• Essay On Teenage pregnancy ( 200 words ) –

Introduction – 

Teenage pregnancy is one the many problems that teenagers face and in recent years near about 11% of total births in USA were from the wombs of teenage mothers; That’s a high number considering the problems that arises due to teenage pregnancy and the number of abortions that teens undergo.


First of all , we must stop taking Teenage pregnancy as a taboo ; The root cause of teenage pregnancy is lack of sexual education only ! Parents don’t talk about sex with their children and Schools don’t generally want to teach about it . So , from where would the teens know what’s right and what isn’t ,  The knowledge about sexual education has increased a lot mainly from the online mediums recently ; But there’s a lot of different information available on the internet and not all of that is true .

Teenage is the period of great physical and emotional changes in human body and the quest to try new things and mimic adults is highest in this period, Teenagers engage in sexual intercourse to try it or in peer pressure but that doesn’t matter ; What matters is they must have proper sexual education before engaging in intercourse to prevent teenage pregnancy as It has potential to destroy whole future of a girl.

Conclusion – 

Teenage pregnancy has adverse effects on the health , education and career of teens , It can also lead to problems for the child . So , it’s advised to undertake proper precautions to prevent the destruction of a future of a bright girl and to save the life of an innocent child .


Teenage pregnancy can destroy families
Teenage pregnancy can destroy families .

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• Essay on Teenage pregnancy ( 500 words ) – 

Introduction – 

What exactly is teenage pregnancy – teenage pregnancy is when a woman under 20, gets pregnant. It usually refers to teens between the ages of 15-19. But it can include girls as young as 10. It’s also called teen pregnancy or adolescent pregnancy. In Recent years, Cases of Teenage pregnancy are increasing tremendously. Teen pregnancy can destroy families, A teen girl getting pregnant and giving birth to a child before marriage is still considered as a taboo in our society.


Getting Pregnant at a young age generally has severe affects on the child bearing mother . If her family and society isn’t supportive and she doesn’t have strong will power then most probably it results in abortion and death of an innocent child who didn’t even took his first breathe .

Complications with Teenage pregnancy –

Girls start ovulating and are capable of reproduction from their first menstruation , but a female body needs much more to give birth to a young one ; When a girl is pregnant then She has to take care of the young one living in her womb for 9 months and that can only be done by taking care of herself .

• Stress is the most dangerous Factor – When a women gets pregnant , she is kept in a healthy environment and is advised not to take any kind of stress ; But this thing becomes practically impossible for a Teenage mother , because she has to bear tons of stress from Family , Society and even friends and School .

• Teenage Mother’s dropout rates are  very high – It is observed that when a Teenager becomes a mother , she generally leaves the school.  Taking care and raising a baby isn’t an easy task to do and managing the studies and going to school too requires much time and energy and In most of the cases Teenage Mothers give more Importance to their child than school .

• Teenage pregnancy can lead to bad health of child – The development of child inside a mother’s womb depends completely on the mother . A Mother is advised to take at least 350 calories and 8 litres of water along with proper supplement of Vitamins and Proteins for good physical development of child and for good mental development they are advised to be stress and Tension Free .

• Teenage pregnancy can lead to bad financial condition of the bearing mother – When a Teenager becomes mother , They generally drop out of their schools and If they study also ; they can’t focus on their education and When One doesn’t Completes higher education then getting a good paying job becomes impossible for them and it results in a bad financial condition and insecure future for the Teenage Mothers.

Conclusion – 

Teenage pregnancy could lead to a lot of problems both for the child and for the mother, there is an age for everything and 15-19 isn’t the age for anyone to become a mother; A mother is not only responsible for her future but for the future of her whole family and In Teenage we aren’t Physically and mentally matured to do that. Spreading more information and awareness about sexual Education is the need of the hour and our society needs to broaden its mind on this serious topic.


Teenage pregnancy essay Introduction Examples
Teenage pregnancy essay Introduction Examples.

Teenage pregnancy essay pdf

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• Teenage pregnancy essay Introduction Examples – 

Note – For writing Teenage pregnancy essay Introduction , You have to first explain in brief about what is Teenage essay , It’s causes , It’s effects all that in very brief in about 80-100 words. 

Some Examples for Teenage pregnancy essay Introduction :-

Example 1 – Teenage pregnancy is the term referred to the condition when a Teenager ; Generally from 15-19 years old becomes pregnant . There is nothing dangerous or anything to be feel ashamed of ; in getting pregnant in Teenage , It’s just that a girl is Generally not prepared for the Physical labour and mental maturity of becoming a mother in her Teenage . Society still considers Teenage pregnancy as a taboo and fearing the outcomes of their Pregnancy , many teens undergo abortion killing Thousands of infants even before their birth.

Example 2 – When a Teenager gets pregnant, it’s known as teenage pregnancy; It’s very simple to understand, but what isn’t simple is the consequences of teenage pregnancy. Teenagers undergo a lot of Physical and mental changes, and they crave to try different things, they engage in sexual intercourse without proper sexual Education and knowledge which results in Underage pregnancy and the beginning of a number of complications in a Teenager’s Life.


Teenage pregnancy essay Conclusion - Proper sexual Education for both parents and teens
Teenage pregnancy essay Conclusion – Proper sexual Education for both parents and teens.

• Teenage pregnancy essay Conclusion – 

Note – To write Teenage pregnancy essay conclusion , You must focus on how Teenage pregnancy could be prevented and Should explain that it’s just a health condition and nothing to be ashamed or to feel shy about .

Teenage pregnancy essay conclusion Example – 

Teenage is the period of Constant physical and mental development , This is the age group when Teenagers can’t share everything with their parents neither are they so mature to understand everything by themselves ; Which results in some bad decisions . Bad decisions are the steps in learning process , but Teenage pregnancy is something serious ; If a girl’s family , society and friends aren’t supportive then it can destroy her future or most probably she would end up taking live of an infant that haven’t seen the world ; By abortion .

All these things are serious and must be stopped , Proper sexual Education and awareness not only among the Teenagers but also the parents and teachers is the only solution of this problem . With Proper knowledge and precautions , hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved .


Useful resource – 

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Teenage pregnancy essay
Teenage pregnancy essay.

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