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Climate change is one of the most important and discussed topics of the present time. Here is a short and a 1000+ words long essay on it with many valid points that will clear all your doubts and will make you able to write an outstanding essay.

Short Essay on Climate change (200 words)

Climate is long term environmental conditions over an area. It generally takes thousands of years for climate over a region to change but in recent decades, Climate all across the world has changed at a much faster rate which is being called Climate change.

Increased carbon dioxide and other Greenhouse gas’s emissions from human activities has led to trapping more heat in our atmosphere due to a phenomenon called the greenhouse effect. Under normal conditions this greenhouse effect traps some of the heat coming from the sun and keeps the temperature of our planet warm and liveable.

However, If the greenhouse effect becomes too strong, It starts to cause issues. The increased temperatures that we are experiencing now are causing the Glaciers and snow around the world to melt and the sea levels to rise. This puts small islands in the danger of disappearing, especially those in the Pacific and the Caribbean.

Rising temperatures have many other consequences as well, like Heat waves, droughts, Wildfires, Water shortages etc.

Climate change is so destructive that it can erase most of the living species from earth including us. We, the humans, are responsible for climate change and we are the only ones with solutions. So, we must act united and save our planet and all its inhabitants from destruction.

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1000 Words essay on Climate change 

Our Planet’s climate has changed all throughout history, alternating between ice-ages and warmer periods. Earth has been through at least 5 different ice ages with the last one ending 12000 years ago. Climate change isn’t new but something has changed, that is, It’s happening very fast and It’s the humans not nature that’s causing it.

[ Causes ]

Since the start of the industrial revolution in the 1760s earth’s average temperature has risen faster than ever before. This effect is known as Global warming and it’s caused by the increase of Greenhouse emissions from human activities. Greenhouse gases occur naturally on our planet but human activities such as burning of fossil fuels, agriculture and deforestation have increased their amounts dramatically.

Greenhouse gases act like a blanket around earth, trapping the heat from the sun rays. This is known as the Greenhouse effect and thanks to this effect that Earth just has the right temperature for life to thrive on it but Increase in concentration of the same greenhouse gases results in trapping more heat leading to rise in temperature that has many dangerous consequences.

Adding to the problem is a phenomenon called Positive feedback.

  1. The biggest feedback loop is water vapour, hotter oceans cause more evaporation and water vapour too, is a greenhouse gas that causes further global warming.
  2. Second feedback loop is the reduced ice cover. Ice reflects sunlight and when that ice cover melts away, more surface is exposed and more heat is absorbed.
  3. Finally the permafrost loop, large parts of Siberia, Greenland, Canada and  Alaska are covered in permafrost. This frozen soil contains lots of greenhouse gas and when it melts, The buried gases are exposed, accelerating global warming.

Climate change is happening faster than most of the studies and surveys predicted in worst case scenarios, one thing responsible for it is the positive feedback loop and the others are rising population and rising living standards.

In the last 70 years, Earth’s population has grown by 2.5 billion to 7.7 billions. More people means consumption of more resources. Larger amounts of fossil fuels have to be burnt to meet the energy demands of people, More land is cleared to meet the food requirements and more gases which cause Climate change are emitted.

Rise in living standards of people is also contributing a lot to climate change. Per person carbon footprint in the U.S.A and Canada is approx 15 tonnes which in comparison to the global average of 4 tonnes, is very high. When people have more money, they consume more and their demand is fulfilled by industries by increased production which results in rising carbon and other Greenhouse gas’s emission. 

All these causes compound to raise the pace of climate change resulting in many catastrophic effects.


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[ Effects ]

Increasing temperature is leading to melting of Glaciers, ice sheets and rise in sea levels. Rising sea levels are causing devastating floods in many countries like China, Philippines and Indonesia. These floods are not only direct hazards to humans but can also destroy crops and farms used to feed the population.

Another effect of the rising temperatures is that Oceans warm up and evaporate faster than normal, increasing the occurrence of severe storms and heavy rainfall. Global warming is making the weather more extreme bringing longer droughts and heat waves. The loss of soil moisture and high temperatures during a drought increase the risk of wildfires too.

The high temperatures both on land and in our oceans affects Earth’s delicate ecosystems. Many animals are forced to migrate to other areas to survive while others are losing their habitat and dying.

Climate change increases the frequency and intensity of extreme weather conditions that could make vast areas on earth inhospitable to humans, leading to migration of hundreds of millions of people. These people will move to areas that are less affected by climate change but this in turn will leave more people with limited resources and could result in instability and in worse cases, even War.

[ Solutions ]

So, Can we do anything to stop the effects of Climate change? Climate change has already reached a point that humanity has never experienced before, still the future of our planet is in our hands. Communities must make smart choices and tackle this issue with environmentally friendly actions.

Some solutions to limit climate change include switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources like solar, hydroelectric or wind energy. Reducing the emissions caused by industry and transportation by investing in greener technology and limiting the deforestation of land and investing in more space efficient forms of agriculture like vertical farming.

These are big solutions that would require the motivation of governments but there are also some things that we ourselves can do to heal our nature and limit climate change even on micro levels. For example: Recycling, Composting organic waste, eating fewer meat products, saving electricity and buying things that can be reused.

People around the world are working together to innovate, engineer and develop solutions for the issue of climate change. Bhutan is the world’s most carbon negative country, Costa Rica has achieved the goal of 99% renewable energy and China has become the world leader in wind power. Climate change is a global issue and our future depends on the actions we take today.

[ Conclusion ]

Climate change is real, serious and it’s upto us to solve it. In the last two decades, we have experienced 14 of the 15 hottest years on record. By 2050, Droughts and chronic water shortages could impact more than a billion people and millions more would be at risk of coastal flooding but there’s hope, if we could reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and move towards renewable energy sources then we can cut carbon emission by 30%.

The pace with which Climate is changing has made it very difficult to counter and with every passing year, countering it becomes even more difficult. Climate change is a global issue and it can only be solved through global cooperation. Nations, communities and individuals will have to work together for a common cause. We don’t have a second earth so we must save the one we have to protect the places we call home and the people we love.

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