Climate change is real – (5 minutes) Speech on Climate change .

Warm greetings to everyone present here, Myself _________. I am standing in front of you to express my views on Climate change and how it is absolutely real.

According to a report published by IPCC ( the United Nations body on Climate change ) – We can see more than 1.5° celsius rise in average temperature in just 2 decades, Global sea level has already risen by 20 cm, Heatwaves and heavy rains are affecting 90% of the world’s region. This report was approved by 195 nations and It held human activities solely responsible for the present state of climate change.

The IPCC report and various other studies have also predicted that the goals set in the historic Paris agreement of restricting the rise in temperature to Celsius till the end of this century could soon be out of reach as we have dumped enough greenhouse gases in just 2 decades to raise the temperature by 1.5 degrees.

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These statistics show that Climate Change is happening much faster than previously thought. It shows that Climate Change is real and sooner or later it will affect every living organism on this planet.

Our countries have been set on fire and our world is burning. We have lost 40% of the Arctic ice since 1945 and Our world’s carbon dioxide concentration is the highest in 2 million years.

Going forward heatwaves, wildfires, droughts, floods, hurricanes will become more common. This my friends, is Climate change, It is here! and there is not a single corner of earth that remains untouched.

Extreme weather conditions like prolonged droughts, flash floods, tornadoes, landslides, etc will become more frequent in the days to come and soon there will be no way to hit the reverse button.

Here, the real question is, did we not see this devastation coming, didn’t we knowingly contributed to it. We love to read and talk about Climate change but when it comes to doing anything, no-one’s willing to take the initiative.

We still have a chance, We can still stop the world from heating further. How do we do that? By immediately reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. It is nothing less than a climate emergency.

To get solutions to this problem, We must find its roots and from when did it start to turn into a catastrophe. It all started with the Industrial revolution of the 1800s when large scale production of goods by machines, Long distance transportation of people and commodities and continuous production of electricity was made possible.

Fossil fuels were the driving force behind this revolution. With time, industrial revolution spread all across the world, Automobiles were introduced and their popularity increased at unprecedented rates, Mega cities with tens of millions of people came into the scene and Population of our world increased many fold. All these resulted in ever growing demand, production and usage of fossil fuels.

Increased consumption of fossil fuels is the biggest factor responsible for climate change but it’s not the only factor ; Deforestation, Agriculture and Rising standard of living can also be blamed.


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Climate change can lead to the greatest chaos that humankind has ever experienced. Hundreds of millions of people fleeing their homes, Ecosystems getting destroyed, Natural calamities getting common and depleting resources might all lead to demise of a civilization that we have built over thousands of years of continuous growth and progress.

Climate change is a harsh reality, One that many still have a hard time believing because the truth is just too bitter and perhaps too big to swallow. Climate change affects everyone, Rich or poor, Asian or European. We must stand United in our fight against climate change by keeping our short term gains aside and focusing on long-term sustainable growth.

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