2 minutes speech on Climate Change.

A very pleasant Good morning to all the respected teachers and my schoolmates, today I stand in front of you to deliver a short speech on Climate change.

Let me start my speech with an interesting fact. Did you know that the world’s largest desert, The Sahara once used to be a Green Oasis and the Arctic region that is today known for Ice and cold will turn into a lush green plain. Both these cases are effects of Climate change. While the transformation of the Sahara took thousands of years, the transformation of the Arctic will only take decades.

What I am trying to say is that Climate Change isn’t something totally new. Our climate has been changing for millions of years but the speed with which it is Changing has never been experienced before and this pace is what has made Climate change an existential threat now!

If the climate continues to change at the same pace, Vast areas of earth would become inhospitable to humans. Hundreds of Millions of people from low lying coastal areas would have to migrate due to rising sea levels.

Rising temperature will increase the cases of wildfires, Heat waves would become common. Billions of animals will lose their natural habitat and many more will die. Extreme weather conditions like prolonged droughts and flash floods will increase rapidly and we could witness the destruction of our ecosystem.

All these would lead to a social, political and economic Chaos and life on earth would become very hard. But there is Hope, If we could reduce carbon emission and anyhow restrict the rise in average global temperature, then the pace of climate change can be brought down.

It would not be an easy task, Nations and people all across the world will have to come and act together to save our world from the destruction called Climate Change.


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