Climate change essay Conclusion.

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Climate change is one of the biggest threats to the existence of billions of living beings on our planet. Rising temperatures due to increased carbon emission have led to problems which could result in destruction of our ecosystem and a complete socio-economic chaos. Fortunately, people are realising the seriousness of this problem. Scientists and citizens are calling for action and government all across the world are uniting in their efforts against Climate change. We as individuals too, must work together to save our world.

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To conclude, Climate on earth is changing at a pace that should be considered very dangerous. Weather patterns all over the world are changing. Sea level is rising, floods, droughts and wildfires are getting more intense and frequent. The goal of restricting the rise in average temperature to 2° now seems too far from reality as surveys predict more than 4° Celcius increment. Therefore, strong measures must be taken at global levels with mutual cooperation to tackle this global problem.


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[ Example- 3]

Climate change is a Man-made calamity. Innocent animals, birds and marine species have fallen victim to a devastation that we humans have invited. In the past 2 to 3 centuries, we have achieved massive growth and have transformed our society but the cost of this rapid transformation was the destruction of mother nature that gives us air, water and food to live. We have time. The pace of climate change can still be controlled if we move towards sustainable development and keep our short term goals aside.

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