500 words Essay on Climate change.

More than 30% of all the plant and animal species on earth could go extinct by the end of this century. Extreme weather conditions like: wildfires, drought and hurricanes would become more frequent and our complete ecosystem could collapse because of a problem we ourselves have nurtured. This problem is Climate Change.

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Climate change refers to long-term changes in average weather and environmental conditions across a region. Not so long ago, It used to be a natural process caused by the movement of tectonic plates, Volcanic eruptions and Sun’s heat intensity.

These changes were generally slow and took thousands of years to show any effect but the rate with which our climate is changing from the past  centuries is something that cannot be explained by natural causes because It’s an outcome of human activities.

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[ Causes ]

Increase in the percentage of Co², Greenhouse gases and Fluorinated gases in the atmosphere is directly responsible for Climate change. These gases trap the Sun’s heat and cause the average Surface and ocean temperature to increase.

The burning of fossil fuels like Petroleum, Coal and Natural gas leads to Carbon emission. Deforestation also contributes to rise in carbon dioxide in air as trees absorb Co² and the loss of trees reduces carbon absorption. Agriculture is also held responsible for increasing the amount of Greenhouse gases in atmosphere.

Nitrogenous oxides, found in fertilizers and Methane released from Animal’s digestive system causes an increment in Greenhouse gases. F-gases like Chlorofluorocarbon and hydrofluorocarbon are the most dangerous type of Greenhouse gases released from Coolants and refrigerants.

[ Effects ]

Climate change has widespread and devastating effects on humans and every other living being on this earth. Constantly rising temperatures have resulted in melting of Glaciers and rising sea levels. Rise in sea level would lead to migration of more than 600 million people from low lying coastal areas.

Increase in temperature also results in irregularities of air currents which raises the frequency of extreme weather conditions like – Droughts, floods, hurricanes, etc. Rising temperature is also the reason for rapid increase in Wildfire cases.

These Climatic changes and extreme weather conditions have proved overwhelming for many living species resulting in deaths of billions of animals, birds and marine species even leading to complete extinction of many, damaging our ecosystem forever.

[ Solution ]

Fortunately, people all over the world have started to realise the dangers that Climate Change poses. Many nations and organisations have come forward to protect our earth and its habitants from catastrophe. Efforts are being undertaken to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and to promote more efficient renewable energy production. 

Conclusion – 

The climate on earth is changing ever since it’s existence but the rate with its changing recently, is destructive. Rise in carbon dioxide and other Greenhouse gases has drastically increased our planet’s temperature which has and will lead us to many disastrous outcomes.

Climate change is a real threat, and combating it will need more than a single country or organisation. To slow the speed of climate change and safeguard the planet that is our sole home, everyone on the planet will have to work together.

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