5 Paragraph essay on Climate Change.

Climate is the average weather condition over an area for a long period of time, Climate change is a shift in those weather conditions. It has become a threat to the complete existence of our planet and according to some surveys could lead to extinction of more than 500 animal species and migration of millions of people till the end of this century. (Introduction)

Climate change can be caused by both natural and Man-made factors. Natural factors like Volcanic eruptions and movement of tectonic plates have been the major causes of Climate change for thousands of years but since the 1800’s Increase in carbon emission, deforestation, Industrial wastes and pollution by humans is causing our climate to change. (Causes)

Climate change has proved devastating to billions of living beings. Humans still are at an advantage as compared to other smaller animals, Climate change is destroying our biodiversity. Every year hundreds of millions of fish, coral and other marine species are dying due to acidification and rising temperatures of oceans. Wildfires, flash floods and prolonged droughts in the forests have claimed innumerable animal lives. (effects)

The alarming rate of Climate change and the havoc caused by it has begun to strike alarm bells in Government all across the globe. Many nations are taking steps to promote renewable energy and reducing their dependence on fossil fuels. The Paris climate accords was a historic treaty signed by 196 parties, with a goal to reduce carbon emission and keep the rise in mean global temperature well below 2°C but this idealisation is far from reality as studies predict more than 4° rise in average global temperature till the end of this century. (solution)

Whether little or huge, plant or animal, our planet and all of its inhabitants are paying the price for human greed and need. Climate change is the catastrophe that we have brought upon ourselves, and Its in our hands to tackle it. Sustainable development with global cooperation is the key to our future or we would be witnessing the slow and sure end of the places we call home. (Conclusion)

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