100 words Essay on Climate Change.

Climate change refers to change in environmental conditions on regional and global levels due to natural or human activities. Growing population, Industrial wastes and uncontrolled usage of fossil fuels in the past few decades has been accelerating the rate of climate change to new heights. Global average temperature is rising and extreme weather conditions like floods, droughts and other natural calamities are becoming more common than ever. Taking actions to reduce the pace of climate change is the need of the hour. We must adress the climate change problem seriously and do everything in our power to stop this devastation and protect our homes and loved ones.


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10 Lines on Climate Change

  1. Change in average weather conditions, regionally or globally is known as Climate change.
  2. Both natural and Man-made factors are responsible for climate change.
  3. The rate of Climate change has increased rapidly in past few decades.
  4. Industrialization, Growing population and Burning of fossil fuels are the main factors responsible.
  5. Carbon emission has reached all time high and growing proportion of Co² in air is warming up our earth.
  6. Rising temperature results in melting of glaciers, Irregularities in air currents and Wildfires.
  7. Deforestation, Industrial and nuclear wastes, Plastics etc fuels up the process of climate change.
  8. Climate change has already caused the extinction of many plants and animal species.
  9. Many low lying areas like Venice and Maldives face the threat of completely submerging into seas due to rising sea levels
  10. Global co-operation is needed to tackle the problem of Climate change.

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