Essay on Russian – Ukrainian Conflict / War. [ Updated ]

The borders of Russia and Ukraine have been a centre of conflict ever since it’s existence which in fact is of just 30 years. The geographical and cultural conditions of Ukraine have made it important for Europe, NATO and Russia.

Historical context

Ukraine and Russia have a shared heritage that goes back more than a thousand years to a time when Kyiv, now Ukraine’s capital, was at the center of the first Slavic state, Kyivan Rus, the birthplace of both Ukraine and Russia.

Many hardcore Russian nationalists including president Vladimir Putin believe that the kyivan Rus roots makes Russian and Ukrainian one people.

Ukraine was a significant part of first the Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union. Many nationalist Russians still believe Ukraine to be their part or at least their ally but recent developments that has made Ukraine closer to the West has invited conflicts with Russia.

The reasons for conflict

Russia and Ukraine had a manageable relationship in the 1990’s and 2000’s but two big events in 2014 changed Russian- Ukrainian relations for-ever.

  1. Maidan Revolution – Protests were held all throughout Ukraine against the President’s decision of Refusal of signing a political association and free trade agreement with the European Union resulting in the abdication of Pro – Russian President Yanukovych.
  2. Annexation of Crimea – In 2014, Russia captured the Ukrainian territory of Crimea by force.

With the formation of a Government that favors the West more than Russia, Ukraine has always been on the target of Russia.

The Recent conflict in 2022 was sparked by the Ukrainian interest of becoming a NATO member.

[ Why Ukraine wants to be a member of European Union and NATO ]

  • Becoming a member of the European Union will help Ukraine in getting good trade deals with other European nations that would greatly benefit it’s economy.
  • Becoming a member of NATO can provide Ukraine with Political and Military support that it needs to counter Russian aggression.

[ The reasons for Current Russian aggression ]

The Growing expansion and influence of NATO in the eastern European region is something that Russia has always hated and Ukraine being a NATO member is the last thing it would want.

Control over Ukraine will also help Russia to maintain dominance over the Black sea region and keep a check on Bulgaria and Romania that are members of NATO.

( NATO* stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization, It is an organisation of The United States and many European nations. It provides it’s members political, strategic, economic and military support )

Current scenario

February 24, 2022 has witnessed Russian missile bombing on many Ukrainian cities. Speculations are being made of a full scale war between Russia and Ukraine.

Russia is a military superpower and Ukraine is nowhere close to it but the Ukrainian military and civil volunteers will surely give a fight.

[ Opinion ]

Annexation of any independent nation by another nation is unjust and Peacekeeping organizations like the United Nations should intervene to protect the rights of millions of Ukrainians from War.

We have condolences to everyone that dies in this conflict and we hope for peace.

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