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Animal farm Chapter 1 Summary

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After Mr.jones (Owner of the Manor farm) fell asleep, His farm started buzzing with activity. All the animals were gathering for a meeting in which the Old Major, a wise pig, was going to communicate about a strange dream that he had last night .

There were all sorts of domestic animals on the farm. Dogs, Cats, Cows, Pigs, Hens, Pigeons, Horses, Mares etc and all of them were present at the meeting except a black raven whose name was Mosses.

In the meeting, The Old Major tells the animals that through his vast experience of living, he has understood the nature of life on earth. All his animal brothers and sisters which he addresses as comrades were living lives that were short, laborious and miserable.

But it is not their natural way of life, Humans have made enslaved them and have taken away the resources that were meant for them, He declares humans as the real enemy of animals.

The old boar then tells the animals about his dream in which he remembered the old song called Beasts of England which his mother and other pigs used to sing. The song excites all the animals but their meeting ends with Mr.Jones waking up from his sleep and firing warning shots.


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The first chapter of Animal farm introduces us to the world and the characters of the novella. Mr. Jones is the first character that is introduced to us. He is a drunkard who owns the farm.

His farm is buzzing with the news that the Old major (a 12 year old pig who is the most respected animal in the farm) had a strange dream and wants to communicate about that dream to all the animals at night.

There are many animals in the farm – Three dogs whose names are Bluebell, Jessie and pincher. Hens, Pigeons, Cows, Sheeps, Rats, Pigs, Two strong horses whose names are Clover and Boxer .

There’s a Donkey named Benjamin, A goat named Muriel, A Pretty white Mare called Mollie and a Cat. All of them were present at the meeting to hear about Major’s dream but one animal called Moses was missing. It was a black raven that was a special pet of Mr. Jones.

Old Major started addressing the meeting. He told them that he has lived long enough and now he understands the true nature of life on earth. The lives that the animals are living is miserable, short and laborious, their lives are nothing but plain slavery. This is not the nature of life that was meant for them.

He further tells them that there’s more than enough food for all the animals, they are born free and they are destined to die free But humans have enslaved them.

Old Major declares humans as the only cause for the sufferings of animals and foresees a future where there are no humans, and animals are free and rich.

At last, He tell the animals about his dream in which he remembered the old song that his mother and other pigs used to sing. He then recites the whole Song called Beasts of England to the animals.

This song excited all the animals in the meeting so much that they began reciting it in full joy, and sang it in unison for five times continuously until they were interrupted by the sounds of gun-fire. It was from Jones’s Gun, Who was awoken and angered by all the noise that the animals made.

Predicting Jones’s arrival, all the animals fled to their sleeping places and the meeting ended.

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Animal farm Chapter 1 Analysis

From the first chapter, writes Orwell sets a tone for the rest of the novella by introducing us to the characters and the plot line of the story. Mr. Jones, owner of the farm is portrayed as a drunk, cruel and careless man. Whole chapter revolves around Old Major’s dream, speech and his vision for the future of animals.

We also get a first hand glimpse of the nature of some of the characters like:- boxer, Benjamin, Cat, Moses and mollie, all these animals have characteristics of some section of human society.

Boxer is a well built hard-working horse, he portrays the hard working labour class who are the pillars of any type of organised society.

Benjamin the donkey is the image of the section of society that is old, intelligent but quick tempered. Cats signify those people for whom affairs of politics don’t matter and they just want to continue with their normal life.

Moses, the black raven is used to showcase the type of person who can accept special grants for keeping an eye and betraying their own people and Mollie, a foolish, pretty white mare is the image of the section of society who are happy with their current positions and are ignorant for change.

Old Major's Speech
Old Major’s Speech

The central idea of this chapter is the start of a revolution , about how a revolution starts and how it gets support and momentum.

  • All revolutions start with a shared dream, for the animals the dream was of a time when they will be free of human exploitation and rich with good food.
  • Revolutions are backed up with a sense of equality and unity, In his speech Old major always used the word comrade to spread these feelings.
  • Revolutions gather support and momentum through something that excites and triggers emotions, like songs and hymns, that’s why Major sings BEASTS OF ENGLAND after his speech and this song itself proved more effective than his speech.

The chapter ends with Mr.Jones waking up from his sleep and firing warning shots which leads to dispersal of the meeting. It suggests the type of suppression and opposition these types of revolutions have to face.

Animal farm chapter 1 Quiz 

Q.(a) What was the name of Farm ?

Options –

  • Kutu Farm
  • Chapel alley
  • Manor Farm
  • Major Farm

Q.(b) Who was the owner of the Farm ?

Options –

  • Mr. Patrick
  • Mr. Collins
  • Mr. Zedaene
  • Mr. Jones

Q.(c) How old was Old Major ?

Options –

  • 11 years
  • 12 years
  • 13 years
  • 14 years

Q.(d) Who was boxer ?

Options –

  • A Dog
  • A Pig
  • A Horse
  • A donkey

Q.(e) What was the name of the song that the Old major remembered in his dream ?

Options –

  • Beasts of England
  • The two treaties
  • Song of Ice and Fire
  • The killer Humans

Answer key at the end of this post )

Animal farm chapter 1 Questions and Answers 

Q-1. Why was the farm buzzing with activity at night ?

Ans. The farm was buzzing with activity at night as all the animals were gathering for a meeting to hear about Old Major’s strange dream.

Q-2. What does the Old Major say about the nature of life of animals on earth ?

Ans. Old Major tells the animals that the lives they are living are short, laborious and miserable. According to major, animal life is nothing but Plain slavery.

Q-3. Why does Major address the animals as Comrades ?

Ans. Major addresses the animals as Comrades to cultivate a sense of equality among them which in turn could unite them against their common enemy.

Q-4. According to major, Who is the real enemy of animals ?

Ans. According to major, Humans are the real enemy of animals.

Q-5. How does Old Major describe the humans ?

Ans. Old Major describes humans as the only creatures to consume without producing. The creatures who neither lay eggs nor give milk, Who is too weak to plough, too slow to hunt, Yet he is master of all the animals.

Q-6. According to major, What was the future that the animals could have without humans ?

Ans. According to Major, Animals could be free and independent without humans. They would have plenty of Good food , they wouldn’t have to face cruelty and their lives would be peaceful and happy .

Q-7. How does Old Major Summarize his speech ?

Ans. To simplify his long speech to the animals, Major summarises it as, Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy and whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.

Q-8. What was the strange dream that the Old Major had last night ?

Ans. In his dream, Old Major remembered the song called Beasts of England, which his mother and other pigs used to sing when he was young.

Q-9. What excites all the animals ?

Ans. All the animals get excited by the Beasts of England song and they recite it continuously for 5 times in unison.

Q-10. How does the meeting end ?

Ans. The meeting ends with sounds of firing coming from Jone’s Gun who woke up from his sleep because of the noise that the animals made. It scares them and they run to their sleeping places.

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