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Technology Essay Conclusion / Conclusion of Technology (2023 Updated)

Technology has so many varied advantages and disadvantages that finding a solid conclusion for technology could be hard … and we have done this hard work for You!

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Technology essay Conclusion
Technology essay Conclusion.

Conclusion about Technology 

Technology has impacted almost every sphere of human life. It has changed us socially, emotionally and physically. Internet, advanced information and communication technology. Rapid development in education, healthcare and housing has definitely made our lives easier and comfortable but Our dependency on technology has increased to a dangerous level. It’s past time whn we wake up and use technology just as a tool to help us and understand that Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.

[ Detailed Conclusion ] –

Only a few decades ago, technology was hailed as humanity’s saviour. Rapid developments in transportation and communication technologies, scientific and medical breakthroughs, and great leaps in space exploration all pointed to a promising future. The Internet was the next significant step in the growth of human civilization, but it came at a price.

Technology made people’s lives easier and more luxurious, while also generating revenue for businesses. People and industries gradually began to rely on technology to get things done because it was faster and easier, but this dependence has now grown to the point that we are becoming slaves to the very technologies we invented.

The Internet has changed people socially and emotionally, natural beauty and internal peace has lost its value to show offs and filters.

Overuse and over dependence on anything is dangerous. Technology in itself is neither good nor bad. It can be the engine of growth and progress or it could be the fuel for our destruction. It all depends on how and in what proportion we use it.

Technology essay conclusion - technology good or bad
Technology essay conclusion – technology good or bad ?

Technology conclusion essay 

Has technology harmed us more than it has helped us? Certainly not! Technology helped us to progress, It transformed us from hunter-gatherers to the advanced human society of today. There are certain complications with the extensive use of technology, for sure. But all these problems can be solved with mutual cooperation, use of eco-friendly technology and moving towards long term sustainable development.

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[ Detailed Conclusion ]

Technology has been a double edged sword for human civilization. On the one hand, it aided us in making significant progress. It led us to the farthest reaches of space and the deepest reaches of the ocean and it aided us in the construction of huge cities and efficient transportation systems.

On the other hand, it made the construction of nuclear and hydrogen weapons possible. It is responsible for increasing pollution and the rise of new deadly diseases.

It is clear that good and controlled use of technology produces good results and short term overuse of technology is devastating.

So the only practical solution to the problems we face today is to make the optimum use of efficient technology that could guarantee long-term sustainable development of humanity.

Technology conclusion –

There’s no doubt that technology has changed our world forever, both in good and bad ways.

In a good way, It has given rise to a civilization that is smart, connected and free. It has made our lives much easier and comfortable. Everyone has access to knowledge and information, most of the countries are democratic and People have Right to freedom and equality.

In a bad way, technology has caused climate change, It has made us dependent on it. A.I and robotics technologies have become a threat to millions of jobs. Pollution, nuclear wars and cyber attacks too are very dangerous .

After a long analysis of the major facts related to advantages and disadvantages of technology. I hereby, conclude that Pros of technology overshadows it’s cons. So, if used well technology can make this world a better place to live in.

Conclusion for technology essay
Conclusion for technology essay.

Conclusion of technology in human life

Advancements in technology have made life much easier, the world is connected like never before, Research and development is on it’s peak too but something is missing !

What is it ??

It’s peace, satisfaction and happiness. Anyone born a decade ago could remember the time before social media and the 4G revolution, when everything used to be slow and peaceful.

Technology increased competition, it increased unemployment rates, People are becoming meaner than ever, Now it’s all about how rich and physically beautiful you are, and the real happiness is lost somewhere behind.

At this rate we won’t be human anymore, we would have turned into senseless robots who know nothing but greed and lust.

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Conclusion about technology advantages 

[ Example no 1 ]

Technology connected the world. We are much smarter than our previous generations and the coming generations would be more smarter than us, all because of technology.

Today we have cure to most of the diseases. We know the reason behind most of the chemical reactions and physical phenomena. We know much about the space and are observing the movements of planets and stars millions of light years away from us. We have sent humans to moon and space. Water is available in deserts and barren lands have become productive all thanks to technology.

[ Example no 2 ]

Technology indeed has changed human civilization, just imagine the human society 200 years ago –

  • Slavery.
  • Extreme racial and gender discrimination, education reserved for nobles.
  • Food shortages for common people while the kings and nobles partied.
  • Women being treated like properties by their husbands and fathers.
  • Superstitions.
  • Constant wars
  • Plagues.
  • Mothers dying while giving birth to their children.
  • No proper sanitation system.

All this was the reality of everyday life before technological revolution.

Advancements in print and communication technology made the travel of ideas and communication between a large group of people possible, that’s why most of the aristocrat ( Rich and noble families ) were against it, but when people could organise themselves into bigger groups magic happened and we are the seeing the society that’s now established.

So, we should be grateful to technology for changing our lives to such an extent.

Conclusion about technology disadvantages

Technology has wreaked havoc on humans, as we are making cure to diseases, new and much deadlier diseases are coming. Pollution has become an existential threat to all of earth – The ozone layer depletion, rising Co² emission, green house gases, rising sea levels all have become major concerns.

Digital technology has given rise to a totally new set of problems – Cyber attacks, data leaks, cyber bullying, scams, fake news, social media addiction are some of the few.

The most recent disadvantages of technology are artificial intelligence and machine learning. As the technology develops, many fear that it would lead to a time where machines and artificial intelligence would surpass human intelligence as their learning and evolving capabilities are much greater than us.

Information technology conclusion essay  

Information technology has been revolutionary and destructive at the same time. It has given access to unlimited information to everyone who has an internet connection . Access to Knowledge has never been this easy and cheap .

It has connected the whole world together. There are millions of people employed in this industry and It has changed how people consume and use Information .

But the same Information technology has breached our privacy. Large corporations and even some governments have so much data about us that they can influence our decisions. Our information gets exposed to hackers worldwide, Credit card details of Millions of people are hacked every year causing them huge financial losses.

The Information we get today is highly tracked and controlled, Which needs to be changed and Information technology and communication services should be made safer and less trackable.

Conclusion about technology in education

The way technology has changed education has become very controversial. Some believe it has made students dependent and has taken away their creativity while many believe that it has empowered students to learn .

Whether technology has positive or negative impacts on education could be debated for very long, but the truth of the hour is that technology can change education for good.

The Internet allows students to learn things that were impossible for them to learn just few years back. Animations, 3-D models, Augmented reality are all contributing for making an advanced and practical learning environment .

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Still, Our education system isn’t developing at the pace of technological changes. Mode of education in schools must be made more practical and Interest based. Schools should focus on developing the skills of their students to make them ready for what the future has to offer them.

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Technology essay Conclusion
Technology essay Conclusion.

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