Birthday speech Samples and tips

Birthday Speech Examples – to help you write an outstanding speech.

Birthdays are great …. That’s the one day in whole year, when a person feels most important and a good birthday speech from your side can make this already wonderful day for birthday Boy or Girl more special and memorable.

Birthday speech Sample 

Birthday speech for Sister –

It’s 11 July* today, the day when I was blessed with my cute little sister Erica*.

When I started writing this speech, I realised how influencal part she has played in my life without even knowing about it. She is a joyous, caring and confident and when I am with her I, too feel independent and confident.

When she was a child, Mum would leave her under my responsibility and looking after her gradually made me kind and humble.

You truly hold a very special place in our hearts, Erica.

Thank You God, Thank You mom and Dad that you bought her in this World. I wish you a very happy birthday Sis, May life showers you with endless happiness and opportunities.

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Birthday speech for Brother –

Happy Birthday Bro, I know it’s a special day for you but it’s a special day for me too. Having you in the house has always been great.

My childhood and even my adulthood would be incomplete without you. I can’t even remember how many silly reasons we have fought each other and I think those fights just deepen our bonds. We know what could make us happy and what could trigger anger.

We have developed a good level of understanding and that might be the reason that we have kept each other’s secret for so long. It has been amazing for me to have you as my brother.

Many many happy returns of the day. May the chapters of your life that come ahead be filled with joy and adventure.

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Birthday speech for Mom –

Today is my mum’s birthday and I don’t have words to express how grateful I am to this date when She took birth as I simply won’t have existed without her.

I know she doesn’t need me to express anything to her, She can understand me even if I don’t say anything because I am part of her and She is a part of mine.

My mom is very good in accounts and in cooking and She is an absolute professional in eavesdropping on me when I am on phone (Jokingly).

I have got a lot of qualities from you Mom and those are probably the best of my qualities. Your constant support, encouragement and love has crafted the best possible version of myself.

Happy birthday Mom, May you live a long, healthy and happy life.

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Birthday speech Samples-Examples
Birthday speech Samples-Examples.

Birthday speech for Dad –

Happy Birthday dad, on the occasion of your birthday I want you to know that you truly hold a very important and special place in our lives. Our home remains incomplete without you and for me especially, you have been inspirational.

I think I have learned more from you than I do in school. You teach me about the values of life and how to deal with real world problems. I am lucky that I had you. You comfort me when I am in trouble, you encourage me when I need it and above all you trust me.Your love has helped me grow.

I have a lot of good and happy memories with you that I cherish whenever I feel sad. Your light hearted and joyous nature made my childhood special and Your open minded and Understanding nature is making me present special.

Once again Happy Birthday dad, May god bless you with good health.

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Birthday speech for Friend –

Happy Birthday Sam*. I wish that this day and this complete year be the the beginning of the best chapters of your life.

On the occasion of your birthday, I wanted to tell some words about you and how amazing friend you have been. Our school life won’t have been this wonderful without you. The postive energy and the adventures that you bring along is rare to find.

Having a friend like you whom we can trust upon both for good and tough times is a blessing.

As I am speaking this, my mind is filled with the flashbacks of all the moments we have cherished together and when I say this believe me that there are countless such moments.

Once again Happy Birthday bro, enjoy your day and never change the way you are.

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Birthday speech for Husband –

For all the years I have known him, He has always been hardworking, always keen to work his way up, he has struggled and worked for everything he has got but in this process he has never forgotten to be sweet, loving and kind.

He has been a wonderful son, a wonderful brother and an amazing friend. He is my husband, Edward*.

It was the luckiest day of my life when I met him, our relationship since then has been amazing. You may not know it Edward but you really have played a very important role in my life.

Your love, support, care and trust has helped me live the type of life I always wanted. Thank you for being your best.

I Wish you a very happy birthday, may this year bring you all the wonders and success you deserve and I pray for your long, happy and healthy life.

Birthday speech for Wife –

You are like a warm Cup of coffee on a rainy morning. You are like a soft blanket in the cold night. You are like the rainbow following a storm.

Dear Amber, You are all of the love, passion and comfort of my life. On this special occasion of your birthday. I want to tell you how important and special you are to me. You have brought stability and peace to my life. You are a wonderful wife, an amazing mother and a perfect woman. 

Having a partner like you with whom I can share my feelings and can depend upon for support has made my life easy.

I may not have too many gestures to show it but I truly love you. 

I wish you a very happy birthday. May this year bring you happiness and everything you desire. Enjoy this day and all the days ahead, sweetheart.

Birthday speech for Son –

Happy Birthday Ron, It’s your 19th birthday today but I can still remember your cute and innocent childhood smile. Your presence has made our lives brighter and has enriched us with happiness.

I always thank God, that he has blessed me with a son like you. You have all the qualities of a gentleman. I know sometimes I have been tough for you, I have scolded you, grounded you but these were all for your betterment and I know that you understand this. 

Know that, whatever path you choose in life, I will always guide you and be here for you. You have potential to be very successful in life, just be focused and humble.

May god bless you with health, happiness and prosperity and be assured that your parents are here for all your good and bad times.

Birthday speech for Daughter –

18 years ago, On this day my life changed forever. The feeling when I first took you in my hands was heavenly and I could forget it. 

Time really flies, you are a big girl now and seeing you grow up has been wonderful. There have been countless times when your smile has cheered me up. You are a great daughter, sister and friend. 

You have lots of qualities that remind me of myself so trust me when I advise you on something. I know you’re gonna make a mistake even before you make it. 

Words can’t describe how much you and your happiness mean to me. I wish you a very Happy Birthday, Emilee*. May you enjoy this day and all the days ahead.

How to write a Good Birthday speech ? 

Writing a birthday speech is very easy. You already have the speech Content with you and You just have to learn to organize it.

How to write a birthday speech
How to write a birthday speech.

I have already given samples of some good Birthday speeches and now I will show you [ STEP BY STEP ] how, you can write that type of speech by yourself .. So Let’s Begin :-

Step 1. Keep in mind, for whom are you writing the speech .

Before Writing a Birthday speech, It should be clear for whom you are writing the speech.

If You are writing the birthday speech for your friend then it should be more of a funny content like:- Some of your old incidents or anything memorable about your friendship. It should also contain your thankfulness towards your friend and how your friendship started.

If you are writing the speech for someone older than you like – Your Dad or Mom or Grandpa or Uncle then It should be more focused on how thankful you are to them, You Should write the speech in a respecting manner with a little funny content like a joke or some peculiar habit of their’s.

If You are writing the Speech for your siblings then It should be balanced between funny content like some of their strange habits or some funny moments from childhood and Your thankfulness towards them.

Step 2. Write the Introduction – 

You should began your birthday speech with a little Introduction. It should be very brief about your relationship with the birthday boy or girl, what their birthday means to you and It could contain Greetings etc.

Step 3. Write the main body –

After the Introduction, Start writing the main body of the Speech. It could be about some old incidents about birthday boy or girl. You can show your gratitude towards them, What they mean to you and how thankful you are to them, What type of relationship you have etc.

Step 4. Conclude your birthday speech –

Conclusion to a birthday speech should be very simple, You should wish Happy birthday in Conclusion and Could give your blessings (If the birthday boy/Girl is younger than you) or you could pray for their well being (If The Birthday boy/girl is older than you).

Step 5. Keep It Short and Sweet.

It’s Obvious, You are at a birthday party, Not at school. A long Birthday speech will make things boring for everyone; So Try to keep your birthday speech between 80-120 words, So You can deliver it in one or one and half Minutes .

Step 6. Speech Delivery (Be natural) – Most Important•

I have seen many blogs and Videos that dictates where you should look, when you should laugh, When you should take a pause while delivering your speech; JUST DON’T DO THAT . It’s your speech, So it’s Should be you, Who delivers it. Be natural and Express yourself and It’s better if you revise your speech two or three times.

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