Birthday speech for best friend.

BEST Birthday Speech for Best Friend / Friend ( Updated ) .

Have to write Birthday speech for a friend and want some ideas? In this post, there are many such examples from which you draw inspiration and Craft an awesome speech for your Friend’s birthday.

Birthday speech for Friend

[ Introduction ]

Happy birthday Christy* You Mean a lot to us. Though I haven’t been your friend for very long but I wish I would have. You are such a Cheerful, Kind and funny girl that everyone loves to hangout with you.

[ Body ]

Your character impresses me a lot. It’s incredible to see you be so kind and humble while being the class topper in academics and excelling in singing and sports. Spending time with you is always a time well spent. We have created so many memories together in such a small time that You will always have a special place in my heart. The most impressive thing about You is; You always remain natural, far away from show offs and copying others. I learn a lot from you and I am lucky to have a friend like you.

[ Conclusion ]

Once Again, I wish a happy Birthday to you Christy*. Enjoy this day, Enjoy every day in your life and always be as happy as You can.

Happy birthday speech for friend

Happy Birthday Brad*, I really was excited for today. Because of the kind of happy and upbeat person you are, I knew your birthday would be fantastic and Yeah, it is!! I consider myself lucky to have you as a friend. Positive energy like the one you radiate is hard to find.

The funny and adventurous moments we have cherished together and the kind of troubles we have been through has deepened our friendship and has made us understand each other. You are awesome as a friend and with you I feel that there’s someone whom I can always go to in case I need help.

May your life be filled with sweet moments, happy smiles and blissful memories. May your path ahead be filled with all the love and success you deserve. Once again, Happy Birthday Sam Enjoy your special day!

Birthday Speech for Best Friend

[ Introduction ]

To all the guests present here, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart that you made this day so special for our birthday boy, and to all those who are thinking who’s this moron …  I am Ali, Sam’s best friend.

[ Body ]

Today is Sam’s* Birthday and there are no words through which I can express how thankful and grateful; I’m to this day. Imagining my life without him is like imagining a Day without Sun and A river without water. We have been friends for so many years now that we have developed a perfect bonding .

We first met in elementary school. We were from the same neighborhood and we used to go School on the same bus. Our friendship wasn’t sudden, Time has forged it. More the time we spent together, More we enjoyed ourselves. As we are getting older our friendship too is aging like a fine wine and we surely are enjoying it. It’s very fortunate that a loyal Bestie Like Sam* has my back and I have an assurance that I am not alone in my hard times.

[ Conclusion ]

I wish you a Very Happy Birthday Sam* and all the Best for your Future. At last I would like to Thank You just for EXISTING !

Happy Birthday Speech for a Friend .
Happy Birthday Speech for a Friend .

Happy birthday speech for Best friend girl 

[ Introduction ]

A very pleasant Good evening to everyone present here. Through all the years I have known Becky*, presence of you all people plays a very important role in her life. So thank you very much for showing up. I am Eric* Becky’s best friend.

[ Body ]

She is one of the finest persons I have ever seen in my life and fortunately enough we became friends very long ago. I have seen her grow as a person, as a friend, as a daughter, as a student and the way she has transformed herself always amazes me.  I look upon you for inspiration because You are an exceptional inspirational girl, Becky*.

By having you on my side, I had like a guardian angel who protected me from going on a wrong path. It would be very hard to find someone other with whom I can have the fun that I had with you but I know, I won’t have to find someone other as we are besties for eternities.

[ Conclusion ]

A very happy birthday to you Becky, whatever difficulty you may face in your life Keep shining and keep smiling like always.

Short speech for best Friend birthday 

Happy Birthday to you Daniel* You are always the centre of all the parties and birthdays, just imagining the fun we’ll have at your birthday party is giving me chills. At all the trips and parties that I went to with you, I never felt bored for once. You are such an interesting and amazing guy that I literally want to be like you. Happy birthday once again, keep Rockin’ and Rollin bro !

Funny birthday speech for Friend
Funny birthday speech for Friend – The strongest sperm.

Funny speech for Best  friend birthday

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman. I am Nas, Andrew’s best friend and for this evening I am going to share a funny yet memorable story. I still remember the days when we were young back in elementary school. I noticed that he was restless and was constantly sweating at that time and as Good and caring friend I am, I asked him “ Andrew, are you all right ”, He didn’t replied and then I smelled something very bad and strange, actually I knew the smell but the timing and the place were strange and I anticipated that something that shouldn’t have happened has happened. I asked Andrew “ Did you just … ” and the only thing he said was – Don’t tell anyone about this. and as you can see Andrew, I haven’t told anyone about that 😂. 

There are so many funny stories about Andrew that I can speak for hours but I am keeping them for his next birthdays. I wanna haunt him before each one of his birthdays. What story is it gonna be? but frankly speaking the time I spent with him are the most memorable parts of my life. He is that type of person, Cheers up everyone’s mood around him. Being your best friend was really a gift for me, Andrew. Happy Birthday and have a Great year ahead.

( example no – 2 )

Happy Birthday dear Eric*. I know you are mad at me since we had fight for our common crush (A girl who doesn’t even know our full names )

I wanted to write a long ‘birthday wishing speech’ describing your good qualities (it is very difficult to choose some from millions though), how our friendship started, your academic excellence (sarcasm it is), your poems (seriously man! u r terrible poet), correcting spelling and grammar obsession and lot more.

But I didn’t because I am afraid of writing such a goody-goody speech for you. What if SHE would fall for you after hearing about all your qualities and choose you over me????

So, Why don’t you google out some birthday wishes and read them to yourself on behalf of me.

Lovingly yours,

Brandon .

Funny birthday wishes for best friend – 

  • I’m glad that you were the strongest sperm.
  • If I were to give you a birthday present, it would be a box of knowledge . Because you need it the most xD😂. Happiest birthday to you!
  • If true friends could be bought from the market, I would have never got you because you would be the most expensive of all. I love you. Sending you hugs and smiles on your special day! Happy birthday!
  • Congratulations on completing another ride around the sun for free!
  • You make everyday special for me. But when it’s your birthday, it will be indeed more special because you’re going to empty your pockets today. Enjoy your day to the fullest. Happy birthday to you!
  • True friends are very rare to find these days. I don’t understand how the hell were you able to find me. Happiest birthday to my stupid friend.

Source of these quotes – Quora 

How To Write a Happy Birthday Speech for My Friend ?

Writing a birthday speech for your friend becomes very easy when you know, How to organize The Content of your speech in a Proper Way and Let me Tell You Step By Step, How can You do that !

Birthday Speech for Friend - Best friend
How to write Birthday Speech for a Friend – Best friend.

Step 1 – On a Rough Page, Write everything that You would like to express to your Friend on his Birthday.

Step 2 – Start writing your Speech by writing the Introduction. In Introduction you can Mention some Characteristics of your friend and How important his/Her friendship is for you.

Step 3 – Write The body of Your speech, In the body you can Write some qualities of Your friend which You like the most and some memories of Your friendship.

Step 4 – Conclude your speech by wishing and thanking Your friend. You can also include some Funny quotes in it.

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# The most important Tips 

Whenever you write a birthday speech for anyone … Try to make it Original and unique. Everyone’s different, Their qualities and your memories with them are different, So I advise you to take these speeches just as examples to craft your own speech that’s totally Yours. Delivery of the speech should be natural and it’s always better to revise your speech before delivering it.

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