How to write a Valedictorian Speech

How to Write a Valedictorian Speech: Examples and Ideas for 2023

What could be more difficult than writing a graduation speech? Writing a Valedictorian speech! The  rest of the graduates, teachers, and family members await for the valedictorian’s speech, as he or she is the class leader.

That’s a lot of pressure to live up to, so don’t allow it to get to you. I’ve created a blueprint for writing an outstanding Valedictorian speech, Let’s get started –

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This post is solely about Valedictorian or baccalaureate speech, If you want Simple Graduation Speech 2023 examples visit this – Graduation Speech examples (2023 updated).

How to write a Valedictorian Speech (Step-by-step)

  1. Start with Greetings and then write the Introduction.
  2. Start framing the Introduction with creativity.
  3. Write things that can connect you with your audience.
  4. Keep your speech unique. (Most Important)
  5. Write about the most special moments of your highschool that you will cherish forever.
  6. Write about your Future plans.
  7. Express your Gratitude towards your teachers and friends.
  8. End the Speech with a message to your classmates.
  9. Complete details below 👇

1st StepStart your speech with the greetings –

We should always start our speech with formal greetings to all the guests present in the hall.

2nd StepCrafting a Unique Introduction –

After the greetings, Comes the introduction part. It sets the tone for the rest of Speech, try to make it unique and engaging in such a way that It can grab everyone’s attention- Like by using quotes, jokes, stories etc.

3rd StepConnecting with the audience – 

It is the most important part of any speech and fortunately, It’s very easy to establish that connection in a Valedictorian speech as most of the audience is the people you know. Just include the things that binds.. you, your classmates and teachers together. Like some funny incident or any special occasion or ANYTHING you think that would help you relate with your Classmates and Teachers .

4th Step Keep your Speech unique –

A unique speech is in itself a wonderful speech, Don’t plagiarize speeches.Write what you feel and what you would like to express, That’s all.

5th Step • Write about memorable moments of your High school –

Write about all the moments of your High school that you think are important, also write about the people who influenced you and made an everlasting impact on you.

6th Step • Write about your Future endeavours –

You should include your future educational and career plans in your valedictorian speech as it will provide guidance to rest of your classmates.

7th Step • Expressing Your gratefulness towards teachers and friends – 

You should show your gratitude and thankfulness to the ones who helped or inspired you in Your High school journey.

8th Step • Ending your Speech with a message – 

As the Head of your class, You should give a message to your friends at the end of your Speech and You can also wish them good luck for their Future.

Valedictorian Speech examples and outline
Valedictorian Speech examples and outline.

Here’s an Outline of a Good Valedictorian speech:-

Valedictorian Speech Outline –

• Start your speech with Greetings and a creative Introduction.

• Continue your speech by with a body that connects You with the audience.

• Summarize and re-live your High-school journey through words.

• Be humble and thank your friends, teachers and parents.

• A conclusion with a message.

Valedictorian Speech examples –

Good afternoon, Members of the Board of Trustees, President Dugan, Distinguished Guests, Members of the Administration Faculty and Staff, and Fellow Graduates. I am truly honoured to be here before you presenting the commencement speech for the class of 2017.

To begin, I would like to congratulate my fellow classmates on achieving this major milestone .

Looking back at my years at St. Francis, I can honestly say that there is no better school that is filled with so many wonderful staff and faculty members who dedicate their time to the fulfillment of every student’s individual goals.

The accounting department is one such example. In addition to the engaging lesson plans, which bestowed upon me the knowledge of my accounting education, one professor took it a step further. He made it his mission to help me fulfill my dreams of becoming an accountant. He gave me the courage to step out of my shell as the shy girl I once was to the confident mature woman who stands before you today.

Walt Disney once said “All our dreams can come true- if we have the courage to pursue them.” Our dreams began when we entered the Doors of This beautiful High school four years ago.

St Francis is known as being the small High school of big dreams, where we spent the last four years developing our knowledge in our respective subjects to prepare us for Future . Our hard work, long hours of studying, and constant stress has finally paid off.

It is time to take the knowledge we have gained and apply what we have learned to the pursuit of our future endeavours. For some that may be the continuation of their education, to others it is the start of their chosen profession. Whichever the case may be, I wish all my fellow classmates and friends all the happiness and fortune this life may bring.

At this time, I would like to thank several important members of my life that either encouraged or supported me through this incredible journey. This person taught me the value of education and gave me the building blocks needed to become a successful woman.

She encouraged me in all of my endeavors, provided me with emotional support, and spoke highly of me to anyone who would listen. Mom, thank you for all your hard work, support, and love throughout these difficult and exciting years. I love you very much.

This next person has stood by me every day, helping me when I thought I could no longer push forward. Thank you Joe for always listening, offering words of encouragement, and guiding me to be the best I can be. I love you.

To my friends, whom I spent countless hours with, studying for tests together, proofreading each other’s works, and making memories that will last a lifetime. Those few individuals you know who you are, thank you and I could not have done it without you.

I would like to thank St. Francis High school for giving me the opportunity of developing my education and providing me with a safe learning environment, a dedicated staff, and encouraging atmosphere.

I would also like to thank the student activities office, who lightened up the school with new events every week from karaoke in the cafeteria to the Valentine’s Day. These joyful and exciting activities added the fun element to our school life.

When I was asked to be Valedictorian, I had no idea where to begin. While sitting in my room talking to my brother about what I wanted to share with each of you today, my brother told me “I cannot believe how far you have come. I am so proud of you.” And then it hit me, I wanted to share a little bit of my story with you.

Growing up, I was never the best or the brightest student, I had average grades. Then, I met this one teacher who changed my life forever. He handed me back a test I received a 70 on and told me I could do much better than this if I tried.

From that day forward, I believed him. I decided to put 110% into everything I did, and clearly you can see how that turned out. The point of my story – is that we can all do great things when we apply ourselves – you – WE are stars.

Graduates, it is about that time where we throw up our hats, say farewell to St. Francis and Hello to our prospective futures. We are the class of 2017. It is time that we shape ourselves to be the best that we can possibly be and to become role models for future generations Because It is the beginning of a Journey that has just started .

Important – Don’t Plagairize Speeches (You can use these speeches just to take inspiration for your own UNIQUE speech)

Valedictorian Speech Ideas –

Your Valedictorian speech should be balanced between formal and informal elements. One shouldn’t make it too informal that it feels awkward infront of teachers and parents and we shouldn’t make it too formal that it starts feel boring.

You can understand it better by following example

Distinguished Chief guest, Madam Chancellor, Madam President, Dear Teachers, Parents and Graduates. Assalamualaikum and a very good afternoon to all, My name is Rishnav San Mayman* a proud graduate of Zabist*. I can say it without any doubt that zabist has equipped me and all these living stories sitting in front of me with confidence and has given us great opportunities to avail. (formal greetings)

Every beginning has an end and every end is a new beginning. It’s a relentless cycle seen in every aspect of our lives and life at zebest is no exception. High School was fun as well the journey that started out with hesitant tentative steps taking the fear in mind. It has been an honor being part of this journey and the one which has been imbued with confidence and a lot of memories. (creative Introduction)

I still remember the days when we used to be lazy about taking 8 am classes, when striving for attendance, hanging out with friends, unlimited presentations, last minute exam preparations and snacks and fun in the cafeteria were the best part for me. 

We have cried, We have laughed, We have lived, We have fallen down, We have felt the thrill of victory and agony of defeat. (connecting with audience)

No, It hasn’t been easy but it has been worth every minute. How can I forget our respected teachers who are the continuous support and reminders to our sleeping talents. (sharing experiences)

Thank you so much for your help and for constantly enduring our nagging about hectic assignments, schedules, presentations and late comings. May I again request all of you to please give a huge round of applause to all our teachers, staff members and especially our head of campus for how incredibly helpful they’ve been.

My parents too have played a very important role in me, securing this valedictorian position.

Mom and Dad, the breakfast you both make for me every day makes me the strongest person in the battle of life, the trust that you have in me makes me the strongest person. I know how hard it was to raise four kids but you still managed to send me to this place. I will forever be grateful for the sacrifices you made for me. It was all because of you, because of your relentless support, hard work and for always pushing me to become the person I am today. (expressing gratitude)

I hope I made you proud thank you and I love you so much and to all those crazy friends out there, Thank you for making this journey the craziest one I will definitely end up smiling silently with tears in my eyes whenever I recall the memories spent at Szabist. 

Often on graduation day people look outside for heroes but I see them right here, right now. We’re about to launch into a life and when you leave here today, celebrate what you have accomplished but look forward with an eye towards how You can be an inspiration for others. Our time in this prestigious institution has come to an end and It’s very hard to say Goodbye.

I would conclude my speech with my words on graduation. Some may think of graduation as an opportunity for a good job, others may think of it as a pass to further studies, rest may think of getting approved by society but I think of graduation as a complete package of an external and internal change in life. Congratulations and Happy graduation, let’s go and conquer the world, batch of 2022. (Concluding message)

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