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Short Highschool Graduation Speech Examples (2023 Updated)

Writing a good graduation speech can be hectic and for those… who aren’t used to public speaking like me, It can be panicking !

But Don’t worry, I analyzed over a dozen Graduation speeches and have made some speeches that you can take inspiration from; to write your own Speech. let’s begin

High School Graduation Speech Examples with Pdf

Good Evening teachers, parents and all my fellow graduates of the most unique high school class batch ever. We the class of 2022 probably have a very different high school experience than all other students who have graduated high school or will graduate in years to come.

Past few years have really been tough. Pandemic, Lockdowns, Protests, Voilence and what not. My deep condolences are with those who have lost their loved ones in the pandemic. It’s times like these that test the limits of our bonds and I can proudly say Walton high* didn’t gave up.

Online classes taught us the importance of physical interaction and school. Schools aren’t just the places we come to read some formulas or books. It’s friends, teachers and the environment that makes schools a place of learning and growing. 

To all the teachers and parents who tried their best to keep learning going, You have my respect and admiration. I have learnt a lot of things from high school that I know has changed me from the boy I was 4 years ago.

And the most important thing that I learnt is to live and enjoy every moment of life. I Wish all my friends a happy and content life ahead. May all our dreams and aspirations come true and we get the success we deserve.

Important – Don’t Plagairize Speeches (You can use these speeches just to take inspiration for your own UNIQUE speech)

[Example no 2]

Respected Teachers, Honorable guests and all my dear Friends. A very pleasant good morning to all of you. My name is Emilie James. We have spent 4 years of our life in this wonderful high school and It’s the time when we’ll have to say ‘Goodbye’ to this beautiful campus.

These 4 years were probably the best years of my life. Everything about these years is so colorful in my memories. Great friends and co-operative Teachers really make your high school journey wonderful and I would especially like to thank Miss Chloe* ( Our English Teacher ) for teaching so brilliantly and always being there to help us.

I consider myself to be very fortunate that I found some of the funniest and loyal friends. Eric, Sam, Kylie * You will always be my best buddies and I can’t describe, how much I enjoyed and how much I will miss your company and Your random silly pranks.

We all are High school graduates now and We have achieved the first Milestone in our life But There’s much more to achieve ahead, I wish you all best luck for your future. Be happy and Bold wherever you are.

Thank You .

( It’s actually my own Graduation speech 😊 )

Graduation speech example no 1
Graduation speech example no 2.

 [Example no 3]

Greetings to everyone who’s present here and is a part of my High school life. My name is kelly* and I am a proud member of Walton high’s awesome family.

My High school journey has been full of ups and downs. I was new to this locality and had no friends here But in no time all of the class became my friend. I never expected such friendliness and support from people who were complete strangers to me.

The years we spend at high school are the most important period of our life. These are the years that shape us as a professional, as a citizen and as a person. I was very lucky to be in the company of such Good, friendly and happy people. Spending time with you all… was really a time well spent and memorable.

I would also like Thank my mom, I can’t express in words how grateful I am to her. She is the one that keeps me together. I must have done very good deeds in my previous life that God blessed me with all these wonderful people.

And at last All the best to everyone for their future, Keep hustling and never ever give up.

Thank you .

Graduation speech example no 3
Graduation speech example no 3.

[Example no 4]

Good evening Parents, Teachers, Friends and family and my fellow graduates. Today I have the unique opportunity to talk about what I truly love about us as a class… and that is Our flexibility and our independence. Both of those traits have pushed us forward allowing us to continually redefine the finish line.

In Mark Twain’s words, the secret to getting ahead is getting started. Our goals may have been completing a particularly hard class or getting our licenses or getting our first jobs but today rather than individual tasks, our finish line becomes an attitude and an aspiration.

First and foremost I wanna thank all my classmates and my friends. Thank you for providing me with comfort and accepting it for me. Thank you for daring me to achieve things I never would have pushed myself to accomplish. Thank you for allowing me to get ahead by showing me how to get started.

And to the amazing teachers that fostered my interests in diverse academic areas and the staff that encouraged each student here to break barriers of their expectations, I owe you all a lot. 

I would also like to express my gratitude to my parents, for being the people I knew would never turn their backs on me. I feel lucky to have you all. and at last I would like to wish all the graduates a very happy and prosperous life ahead.

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