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How to write a Good Graduation Speech (Top 7 tips)

In my high school years, I wrote hundreds of essays, research papers and thesis but believe me the final High school graduation speech was the toughest one to write!

So, to make your work easier, I have shared all the tips that can make your Graduation speech awesome.

How to write a High school graduation speech –

Writing a graduation speech is easier than we think as the content of the speech is already with us. We all know how our high school was, What were the things that made it Special and Unique and What was our experience there. We just need to organize those feelings and experiences into words.

Graduation speech outline –

  1. An attention grabbing Introduction.
  2. A relatable Body.
  3. A short and sweet Conclusion.

Now let’s discuss all these points in DETAILS :-

How to start a Graduation speech ?

The Introduction of our graduation speech should be interesting, The way we start our speech sets the tone for the rest of it.

Start with Greetings –

It’s best to start your graduation speech by greeting your teachers, parents, guests and fellow students .

Grab their attention –

Try to include any quote, joke or story  in the introduction or you can also ask any question from the audience to get their attention .

How to write the body of a graduation speech ?

Body is the largest part of any speech and it’s your best chance to make your speech Interesting and to do so , You can Follow these tips 👇

Relate with the audience – 

Like all good speakers, You should try to relate with your audience and in the case of a Graduation speech most of the audience is your classmate. So, It shouldn’t be hard for you to establish that connection.


Keep your graduation speech - Original
Keep your graduation speech – Original.

Share your feelings – 

Let’s face it ! Nothing matches originality and uniqueness. Express your own emotions, speak about what you truly feel and it’s 100% sure that you will have an awesome speech.

Describe the Uniting Factors of your batch – 

Every High school batch is unique. Think, what binds you and all your classmates. The moments where you all laughed, cried or celebrated  together. These are the moments that you’ll remember in your life. Share them in your speech and make it special.

Share the best things about your high school journey. Events, friendships or teachers that will be hard for you to forget and things that made your High school experience Memorable.

This could be the largest part of your graduation speech, don’t hesitate in making it expressive.

How to conclude a graduation speech ?

You can conclude your graduation speech by expressing gratitude to the ones who played a vital role in your highschool journey and can finally end it with a message or quote for your batchmates.

Express your thankfulness-

There are certain people without whom our highschool life would’ve incomplete. Make sure to thank them in your speech so that thay can feel their importance.

End your speech with best wishes-

The last tip to write a perfect graduation speech is to give best wishes to your friends and classmates. That will give an overall positive vibe to your Speech. You can use quotes, poems or songs for this purpose.

How to write a High school graduation speech.
How to write a High school graduation speech.

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Graduation speech examples –

Introduction –

A very pleasant good morning to all the teachers , honored guests and my fellow friends . I am ____________ , It’s a great honor for me to stand in front of you all and deliver this speech .

We only arrived here four short years ago, and now it’s already time to leave. How did it all go so fast? It seems like only yesterday that we were skinny little freshmen fighting with the locks on our lockers, trying to figure out where our next class was, and looking generally clueless to all the upper class men.

Body –

Now we are the upperclassmen, the seniors who stand here ready to graduate and move forward in the world. Yet at this seminal moment, we can’t help looking back.

How do we measure the time we’ve spent in high school? In the beginning, we measured it in class periods, counting down the day to eventual freedom. As the days and weeks passed, we measured it in semesters, and later in years as we moved from being those clueless freshmen, to becoming sophisticated sophomores who thought they had it all figured out. By the time we reached our junior year, we were confident that we were prepared to take over for the graduating seniors, and we couldn’t wait to “rule the school.”

And now here we stand. Our rule is over, and it’s up to the next class to step into our shoes and take over. I know that as I look out at all of you, I will measure my time here in a much different way. I will measure it in all the friendships I’ve enjoyed these last four years. Some were pretty casual and others were much closer, but I’ll remember each one fondly, as I’m sure you all will, too.

Conclusion – 

When many of our high school memories begin to fade, that’s how we’ll ultimately measure the time we spent here, not in periods or semesters or years, but in the friendships that we made and the times we shared together.

Congratulations! my fellow graduates of the class of (Insert year). Wherever we go and whatever we do, may we always be friends when we meet again.

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