Everything about Commemorative Speech – Examples, Outline and Topics list.

Knowing how to write and deliver a Commemorative speech that creates an impact on your listeners is always a good skill to have with you and can make you the center of attraction of any occasion, So let’s Begin …..

Commemorative Speech

A Commemorative speech is delivered on some special occasion to mark the importance and pay tribute to any person, event, activity or organization. It is also known as Ceremonial Speech or tribute speech.

How to write a Commemorative speech ?

  1. Know your audience and select a theme .
  2. Brainstorm about the topic .
  3. Do a little research.
  4. Prepare the outline of your Speech.
  5. Proof-read and rehearse.
  6. More details below 👇
How to write a Commemorative speech
How to write a Commemorative speech.

Knowing the audience and selecting the theme

It is a very important step to consider while preparing for any type of Speech. You should always know about your audience and like a Good Speaker. You should try to find a way to relate with them by selecting a good theme for your speech .

Brainstorming about Topic – 

The topic on which you are to give the Speech, Must be clear to you and You should try to find some creative ways to present that topic.

Doing a Little research –

Research becomes very important in a Commemorative speech as You have to talk about a real person or event and it’s not just a presentation of your thoughts.

Preparing the outline of your speech – 

Outlines give a shape to our speech and each Speech has a different type of outline. So, Let’s learn How to prepare a Commemorative speech outline.

Commemorative speech outline –

Just by following some easy steps – You can create a Perfect outline for a Commemorative speech.

A powerful Introduction

Step 1 – Start writing Introduction of Speech. Your Introduction should have the power to create an interest among the audience. It should have the power to grab attention. Using Great quotes and exact Expressions are two of the best ways to make your Introduction unique.

An information-packed Body

Step 2 – The body is the largest part of any speech and maintaining the listener’s Interest in your Speech is hardest in this part… But you can make the body of your speech Interesting by packing it with Information and organised data.

An Impactful Conclusion

Step 3 – Conclude your speech by providing a brief summary about the contents of your speech and In case of Commemorative speech, You can give the message that is based on the ideology of the person, event or organization – On whom you are delivering the Speech.

On the basis of this Outline , I have written a speech so you can understand it much better – (It’s about the Iconic speech delivered by Martin Luther King Jr)

Commemorative speech examples – 

King’s Dream 

Introduction – 

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed — we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal”….. It is a small part of the Iconic speech delivered by Martin Luther king (Junior). It is said that Martin Luther’s, I have a dream speech is the greatest Speech of all time and Why not !

He delivered this Speech directly to Two hundred fifty thousand people. It inspired and continues to inspire millions of people across the globe who believe in equal rights and opportunities for everyone.

Commemorative speech Introduction.
Commemorative speech Introduction.

Body – 

Martin Luther was one of the most prominent civil rights activists and a very good Public speaker. He had the power to create a spark in the imagination of people and to convince them to take actions just by his words.

At that time, racial discrimination was widespread in the U.S.A and affected the lives of millions of black people in the country. Discrimination on the basis of color was started by the European colonizers and Settlers of U.S who saw themselves superior to the Natives, African, Indian or any other race.

Though America got Independence in 1776, Slavery continued to be in practice and even when slavery was legally abolished in 1863 by the infamous ‘ Emancipation Proclamation ’, The black people were continuously Discriminated and were treated as Inferiors and Outcasts.

As the saying goes “Out of suffering, emerges the strongest souls” . Pain and Suffering, shaped Martin Jr and made him one the greatest personalities of the human race.

Commemorative speech body.
Commemorative speech body.

Conclusion – 

He may have died but his ideology lives and It will continue to live in the hearts of those who believe in Equality. It’s the duty of each one of us to realise his dream. His dream of a future where people would be identified by the content of their character and not by the colour of their skin or by the language they speak or by the god they follow.

So on this day, let us pledge together to contribute as much as we can for making this world a better place to live in , for everyone.

Commemorative speech Conclusion.
Commemorative speech Conclusion.

Commemorative speech Topics

Commemorative Speech Topics
Commemorative Speech Topics.

Commemorative speech Topic ideas –

Paying Tribute to people around You :-

  • Tribute to Mom for her Selfless love and Care. Like – My Mom is my hero.
  • Tribute to Dad for his Hidden care. Like – My Dad is my hero.
  • Tribute to your Brother or sister. Like – My bro or sis, My best buddy.
  • Tribute to your Friend for his exceptional Friendship.
  • Tribute to your Teacher or Your Coach. Like – A life changing Teacher.

Paying Tribute to Important Person :-

  • Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr for his Contributions in making America Equal for everyone.
  • Tribute to Michael Jackson for giving this World The legendary Moonwalk.
  • Tribute to Lionel Messi (The Little football magician)
  • Tribute to Billie Eillish (The Face of millennial Pop music)
  • Tribute to Abraham Lincoln (The greatest American president)

Celebration of Historical Events :-

  • End of world war 2 and The making of a new world order. 
  • Killing of Osama Bin Laden.
  • Barack Obama becoming the President of USA.
  • The Moon Landing – One of the greatest Human achievement. 
  • The ARPANET project, That laid the foundation of Modern day Internet.
  • Founding of Facebook – World’s largest social media platform.

Celebration of Personal Event :- 

  • Getting your First job, Starting of Professional career.
  • High School Graduation Speech. One of the most important speeches of your life.
  • Winning a marathon or any other competition.
  • Doing very well in Academics.
  • Leading your Team to victory, etc.

These are only Some Examples, You Should research a little about a Topic that you think would be Relatable and Popular among your set of Audience.

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