Narrative speech

A Complete Guide to Personal Narrative Speech – Examples, Outline and Topics.

Being able to deliver a Good narrative speech is an important language and conversational skill and in this post you’ll learn exactly how to write and deliver a Narrative speech that hooks your listeners.

Narrative Speech 

A speech in which we describe or narrate about your own experiences is called a Narrative Speech. It is written and delivered from the narrator or the Speaker’s point of view.

How to write a narrative Speech ?

  1. Brainstorm about Your Topic.
  2. Know your audience .
  3. Prepare the Outline of your speech.
  4. Write the Content .
  5. Proof- read and rehearse.
How to write a narrative speech.
How to write a narrative speech.

Brainstorm about Topics

It is beneficial to be clear about the topic on which you are going to give the speech. Get some good quotes and gather some raw data related to the topic.

Know your audience

You should write a speech that your audience can relate to.

Prepare the Outline of your speech –

It is one of the most important parts of writing a good Speech, So I have written about this in DETAIL below !

Personal narrative Speech Outline 

Outlining your personal Narrative speech is very crucial and This is how You should do it –

Attention grabbing Introduction – 

Step 1 – Your Introduction should have the power of driving the audience’s attention towards you. You can write such attention-getting Introductions with the help of some great quotations, light jokes, stories or  anything that could get the attention of your listeners.

A clear and Interactive Body –

Step 2 – Body is the Longest part of a speech and It should be written in a clear and easy to understand language to maintain the interest of the audience in your speech. If you mention your exact emotions and could anyhow establish a connection with your audience, It would make your speech highly engaging and enjoyable.

A Conclusion with a message –

Step 3 – Write a Conclusion that is short and to the point. It should give a message and be able to give a sense of closure to your speech.

Based On this outline , A sample Narrative speech is written below 👇

Personal narrative Speech examples 

Importance of Gratitude 

Introduction –

They say that “blood is thicker than water”, which implies that the bonds we share with family are stronger than those we share with friends.
But let’s not forget, we can’t live without blood, but we’ll die without water too.

I’m sure we all have at least one person we consider as our best friend, and I’m willing to bet that a lot of us haven’t expressed ; how much we care for our best friends lately.

Narrative speech Introduction
Narrative speech Introduction.

Body –

It’s important to show your gratitude and love to your friends, because it might be your last chance.

Let me take you back, thousands of miles to the east of this continent, 4 years ago, when I once took for granted all my closest friends’ presence, even though I knew it would be the last time I would see them.

Sometimes, the longer you’ve been friends with someone, the easier it is to
forget to appreciate them .

A. It was September 15, 2007, in Quezon City, Philippines.

1. I was at the young age of 17, born and raised in this city, the only life I knew.
2. I had a flight in five hours, but I had refused to pack up for my 16-hour intercontinental flight until the night before.
3. I had five best friends back then (I didn’t believe that you could only
have one), and we named our little group “Chrisannielle”, which is a combination of all our names.
4. Chrisannielle came over to my house for a last home cooked feast together. (mmm the smell of that delicious food, I still remember it.)
5. I didn’t want this day to be too dramatic, so I did my best to act as if it’s just an ordinary day.
6. Like the good friends that they are, they helped me finish the rest of my packing .

B. Our last ride together on the way to the airport was pleasant, but controlled.

1. For reasons I don’t fully understand, I made a decision to make sure that this parting didn’t become a teary, “movie-worthy” goodbye.
2. I didn’t tell them how much I would miss them, how much I cared,and how much I wished so badly that I didn’t have to leave.
3. We hugged and kissed and said proper goodbyes, but for the most part, I did my best to not make a big deal out of it.
4. I promised to email, to write letters, to call regularly – I said these things to justify not giving them a “movie-worthy” goodbye.

It was my first time riding on a plane by myself.

1. I looked inside my carry on just to see what was in there and found a scrapbook that my sneaky best friends secretly stashed in there.
2. It contained pictures of all of us, of all the years we’ve grown together and the wonderful, irreplaceable times spent with each other.
3. At that moment, the “fasten your seat belts” light turned on, and I felt a deep sense of regret and sadness, because I didn’t tell them, and didn’t expressed how much they all meant to me.

Narrative Speech - Body.
Narrative Speech – Body.

Conclusion –

I knew that it was the last time I’ll be seeing my friends, and yet I managed to still not tell them how much I loved all of them.

1. It might have been my pride or my preoccupation with the long journey traveling alone or something else. I don’t know.
2. And yes, one could argue that distance doesn’t matter, friends will be friends no matter how long it’s been, and that there is technology to bring us together.
3. But there’s nothing quite like a real hug, and seeing a smile in person.No amount of cute emoticons in an email can substitute…
4. I learned that it is important to show gratitude and love to your friends, because it might be your last chance.

So it was September 15, 2007, in San Francisco, California, 16 hours after those last hugs, and I was alone.

Narrative Speech Conclusion.
Narrative Speech Conclusion.

Credits for this Speech –

Personal Narrative speech Topics 

Narrative Speech Topics
Narrative Speech Topics.

Personal Narrative Speech Topics list –

  • My first Day at High school.
  • A near Death experience.
  • A ruined Holiday plan.
  • Trekking trip with the whole family.
  • Best Birthday Gift.
  • A surprise party for Mom.
  • Topped in an Important test.
  • Won the city marathon.
  • Darkest Day of my life.
  • Farewell party for my favorite Teacher.
  • Terrible accident while learning to swim.
  • A wholesome picnic with family. 
  • My first foreign trip.
  • Night out with Friends.
  • Watched a baseball match in the stadium.
  • Best 4th July celebration.
  • Saw a man dying in front of my eyes.
  • My first date .
  • Experienced a Deadly Typhoon .
  • An embarrassing incident at MacDonald’s .

These were just some sample Topics. You can find very interesting Personal Narrative speech Topics just by thinking about the special moments of your Life that you would like to describe in words . 

Types Of Personal Narrative speech

Narrative speeches can be written on many different Topics but They are broadly categorized in these 3 types –

  1. Experiences – This is the most popular type of narrative Speech in which you describe your feelings and emotions to a certain situation. Like :- your experience when you got lost once, Your experience of seeing a man die in front of you, etc.
  2. Life Lessons – It is the type of narrative Speech where you describe about certain incident that changed your perception or gave you a strong lesson. Like – The lessons you learnt when you failed in all subjects, The lesson you learned from a stranger’s act of kindness, etc.
  3. Events – In This type of Narrative speech, you describe about some memorable events of your life Like – Your first day in a new School, Your first date, etc.

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