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“ To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. ”

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Essay About Forgiveness

Forgiveness is about having a neutral or positive attitude towards the ones who have harmed us ; Mentally , Physically or emotionally . It is not easy to forgive and not everyone can do it , as it’s more complicated than taking revenge . The act of forgiveness requires the person to have great self control and Internal peace .

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There are many events in our life that hurt us . There are many people to whom we start to hate . There are many triggers of anger and hatred like – When we are bullied , or we are betrayed or when someone makes fun of us etc . Then we have the feeling that we are being put down and we must make the person feel much worse than what we felt by inflicting physical or emotional pain on them .

The grudge of resentment , anger and revenge starts to dictate us and influence our actions and feelings . This make things bad for us only . We become a slave of revenge and our internal peace and happiness is lost . Forgiveness is the only medicine for it , Forgiveness brings positivity and peace in our life .

We have developed closeness towards revenge and anger because of many factors – Many believe that the ones who are strong don’t forget and forgive , They take Revenge and they make others payback for the crimes they have committed . This feeling is generally because of the historical context of measuring a person’s status in society by his/her strength.

Conclusion – 

To forgive someone is very hard , especially if we have faced lots of pain and suffering , We the humans are driven by emotions and Revenge is one of the strongest emotions but it just brings more pain and suffering while forgiveness can bring happiness and could help us in prospering . We should always have a gentle heart and we should learn to ‘ forgive and forget ’ to move forward in our life .


Forgiveness Brings Peace
Forgiveness Brings Peace.

• Essay on Forgiveness ( Long ) –

Forgiveness is  defined as an voluntary internal process of letting go of feelings and thoughts of resentment, bitterness, anger, and retribution toward someone who we believe has wronged us, including ourselves. To Forgive someone depends completely on us and it’s our emotional capabilities as a human that controls whether we can forgive or not .

Emotions play a very vital role in our life . They define our actions , our feelings and our Understanding . Some emotions are weak and some are strong , Generally the feeling of forgiveness is much weaker than the feeling of revenge . We are most commonly driven by the emotion of anger , hatred and resentment but when we replace those emotions with the emotion of forgiving then peace and happiness starts pouring from all the directions .

Revenge only results in more pain , Let’s have a hypothetical situation where two boys who were bullied in their school accidentally meet with their bullies after 20 years . The first boy remembered everything the Bully did to him , The feeling of anger and revenge took over him and he proceeded to fight the bully and severely injures him , He took his revenge but What it resulted in is ; He got caught by police and when he returned from jail after months , He was again attacked by the bullie’s brother and he had to be admitted in hospital . Revenge just bought more pain to him .

The second boy responded to the situation differently , Though he remembered all the past incidents , He met the bully like a friend . They had lunch together and The bully even apologized for his bad behavior in school .The second boy forgave him and It resulted in peace and happiness in his life .

Revenge and resentment just start the cycle of hatred , You take revenge for yourself or for your loved ones and then they take their revenge . All this will just bring pain , sadness , anger and a dark future .

Earlier the concepts of forgiveness was mostly limited to spiritual studies But now many modern health and psychology researchers have focused on Forgiveness and it’s effects on our emotional and physical health and The results of these researches are amazing . They have found the people of forgiving nature have more chances of becoming successful and forgiving is very beneficial for emotional well being in the long run .

Human Evolution has made Forgiveness difficult – 

The evolution of human emotions over thousands of years has made the feeling of forgiveness much weaker than the feeling of revenge . ‘ Hitting back ’ or ‘ Taking Revenge ’ has developed as a survival extinct ; To protect us from being killed , Our body thinks that it’s better to attack when we have the chance . The feeling of revenge is to protect us physically and it continues to evolve making forgiveness difficult.

Taking Revenge feels better than Forgiving – 

Many psychological studies and experiments have found that the feeling of taking revenge produces the emotions of satisfaction and winning in a short term while the feeling of Forgiveness produces Stress , But it’s completely opposite in the long term .

Conclusion –

Forgiveness brings the forgiver peace of mind and frees him or her from corrosive anger. While there is some debate over whether true forgiveness requires positive feelings toward the offender, experts agree that it at least involves letting go of deeply held negative feelings. In that way, it empowers you to recognize the pain you suffered without letting that pain define you, enabling you to heal and move on with your life.

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Essay on Forgiveness
Essay on Forgiveness.

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