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“ Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark. ”

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Essay about faith

Faith in simple words is having a strong belief in anyone or anything. Faith doesn’t need any type of evidence. It’s just people’s own conscience and feelings that builds it. Faith isn’t just believing in god or any type of idol. It’s about believing in anything, a belief so strong that it can pushes you, inspires you and motivates you.

Having faith is very important in one’s life, It gives us hope and courage in our hardest moments. Many people have faith in god. It unites them, makes them feel secure and gives them peace. There are many different types of faith or belief systems all across the world and most of them give the same message: To live in peace and let others live peacefully.

Following any faith system also known as religion, disciplines people. It gives them a ray of optimism and direction in their life; stronger than this type of faith is another, that is to have faith in ourselves.

When people start having faith in themselves, even impossible can become possible. We should always have faith in us, If not for god or for anyone else then for ourselves. The emotion of faith should be present in our brain. There are many events in our live which can break us mentally and emotionally. For Common people, Life is full of difficulties and obstacles and Faith acts as a shield for them.

Conclusion –

Faith doesn’t have boundaries and people who have it can achieve the biggest things and could do the seemingly impossible tasks. Many people with handicaps or physical disabilities are able to accomplish tasks and win over their disabilities by the power of faith. It is faith that makes people work hard for their goals, that protects them from breaking down. It’s the faith that keeps them living .


Faith brings people together
Faith brings people together.

• Essay on Faith ( Long ) 

The literal meaning of faith is having trust or confidence in anyone or anything but for different people, faith can have different meanings. People are free to have faith in anything as faith can’t be imposed or forced on anyone. It arises from inside; by a human’s own emotions and Understanding.

Faith is the strongest emotion. It takes time to build and once the faith is built, it generally lasts for lifetime. To most people – It means believing in god but there are two different types of faith – Religious faith and non religious faith.

Religious faith is having faith in a religious system or God or different types of idols. There are billions of people worldwide that have faith in God. Their religious system or religion may be different but their faith is same, having trust in an almighty power which they believe to be their creator as well as their protector.

There are different types of religious faith too. There is worshipping of idols in some Religions while in some there isn’t any idol system but only the presence of an almighty God. Faith unites people and gives them a sense of togetherness. It gives them moral support in their hard times. It gives hope to the hopeless and strength to the weak. It acts as an emotional supporter that helps people to overcome their hardships .

Another type of faith is the non religious faith. When people have faith in themselves or anyone other than god then it’s known as non- religious faith. Having faith in ourselves is very important as it gives us the very important self esteem and confidence in our life.

There are many instances in history when people have made seemingly impossible tasks possible with faith; in themselves. Faith along with hardwork and determination is the most dangerous emotional combination.  If anyone achieves all these 3 emotions then no one can stop them from achieving their goals.

Importance of faith – A human being without faith is like an engine without spark plug. Faith can be the strongest driving force in human life. Not only faith in a god, but faith in future, faith in a goal or faith in a dream. To be successful in life we always need inspiration from somewhere or something. There are many things that can distract us from our goals. To counter those distractions, we must have the shield of faith. It will guide us and will protect us from distractions.

Faith is very Important  as :-

  • It gives us a direction in our life.
  • It acts as a moral support in our hard times .
  • Faith in God creates a sense of peace in our minds.
  • Faith in any dream or goal helps us to stay motivated and focused.
  • Faith makes us disciplined.
  • Faith creates unity among people and gives them a feeling of togetherness .
  • Faith gives mental strength to the weak and depressed.


Different meanings of the same word.
Different meanings of the same word.

Conclusion – 

Faith is like a lightening flame that guides us and gives us direction when the surroundings seem dark and dull. All we need is determination, hard work and courage together to win with our faith. Impossible things can be made possible and all our goals can be fulfilled by keeping our faith intact.

All trials of life that come in the form of various difficulties and obstacles will seem conquerable if a person doesn’t lose hope and counters all struggles with faith for the achievement of victory.

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Essay on faith
Essay on faith.


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