Essay On Critical race theory

[ Essay ] on Critical Race Theory in Education ( k-12 )

Just after the protests of ‘ Black lives matter ’ , The topic of Critical Race Theory and It’s implementation in schools is making headlines in the USA . So , what exactly is critical race Theory and how it’s going to impact on the education system .

Critical Race Theory in Education Essay 

Critical race Theory ( In simple words ) – was a legal studies concept which was developed by some scholars in 1970’s to study the impacts of racism in everyday lives of the colored population . According to Critical race theory , Racism isn’t just the stereotypical behavior and prejudice of individuals ; In U.S.A racism is rooted deep into the policies and working of the whole political , public and even educational system .

Why is it called ‘ Critical race theory ’ – 

Critical race theory is a part of ‘ Critical Theory ’ which is the philosophy of practical assessment of society and culture in order to reveal and challenge the power structures that are unjust and are made in favour of certain groups .

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The Concept of Critical Race was extensively developed by Black * Scholars , who argued that the Black , Hispanic and Asian population in U.S face much larger day to day discrimination and being a white gives many indirect benefits to the white population in U.S.A .

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• Why there is so much debate on Critical race theory recently –

Critical race theory was developed in the 1970’s and it is a part of legal studies on the graduation level . It has been here for more than 4 decades ; Then why so many debates recently ? There has been too much uproar on this topic after the Death of George Floyd and the Black lives matter movements .

Police is an organization that has the duty to protect the public , But seeing the Murder of a black civilian on camera by a police man boiled the common public and proved the concepts of critical race that racism is not only the stereotype of common people but racism is rooted in the Common public welfare system of united states .

The belief that the policies and the whole working system of the United States is made unfair ; Gained momentum and along with this belief ‘ Critical race theory ’ too, Got it’s momentum .


Many believe that Discrimination is ingrained in the whole system
Many believe that Discrimination is ingrained in the whole system.

• Critical race theory and the American Education system – 

How is critical race theory making it’s way in the American Educational system? Many teachers as well as parents have started to believe that the books specially the history that has been taught in the schools are biased and don’t tell the truth .They are oriented towards European culture more and very less towards asian and African cultures , which creates a Sense of inferiority among the black , Hispanic and Asian children from very beginning .

Many Teachers and Parents want change – 

Thousands of Teachers all across U.S have decided that they will teach the TRUTH ** Now . They have pledged to teach and many teachers have already started teaching the complete truth about the early conquest of America , It’s colonization and about the massacre and oppression of black population .

A teacher quoted a quote of Barack Obama ( Former president of USA ) to support the activities on Critical Race and said change is the need of hour now and we will bring that change –

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” — Barack Obama

Is critical race theory to be taught in schools ?

No , Critical race theory will not be taught in schools , It’s an advanced concept and is only taught in graduation level , but some changes could be seen in how history and civics is taught in the schools as earlier the history and civics didn’t told the proper truth and censored many historical events , These things now , might be taught in schools .

• Why is Critical race theory facing too much criticism –

More than a dozen states have banned the study of concepts related to critical race theory in schools ! Why ?

It has been said that Critical race theory will only promote racism in schools . Many white students have complained that they feel uncomfortable during their history classes , as they are made to believe that it’s all their fault .

Parents too are concerned that if students are taught concepts related to critical race or historical concepts that were earlier censored then It will only give rise to differences between students and White students could be treated as racists and exploiters for the events that happened Hundreds of years ago.

Conclusion – 

Teaching about the concepts related to critical race theory can surely promote differences in students .Classrooms and children mustn’t learn to discriminate and teaching earlier censored things will indeed give rise to racism in class . So , Should nothing be done ? In this case if nothing is done , Then Only it’s better . Doing something in this case will only make matters worse .

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* – The use of Word ‘ Black ’ is for clarity in Educational purposes and our website doesn’t promote any Type of Racism .

** – Here Truth is quoted from the perspective of Critical race theory activists .

Essay on Critical Race Theory
Essay on Critical Race Theory.

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