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“Some people don’t believe in heroes but they haven’t met my dad.” 

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My Dad is my hero essay

Who are heroes ; The one who fights with aliens or mindless zombies or saves earth from monsters ? They can be heroes for many but for me , My simple Common hardworking and honest Dad is my hero . He hasn’t done anything extraordinary that makes him special but every moment of my life I spend with him is special .

He is my backbone , My moral support , my emotional support , everything and I can’t imagine what would have become of me , If I didn’t have my father . He is strict and Sometimes he even gets frustrated . I can’t recall how many times he has scolded me and grounded me but what I do remember is everything he did was for me , To make me a better person in life .

My father is just a common working man but he does everything in his power to make us feel happy and to give us a comfortable life . He understands me more than anyone else , He knows what I want , what I like and what could make me happy . He acts as a Strict dad who doesn’t fulfill every wish of his child , Who knows how to take control of his child and is overall a Strict guardian who wouldn’t tolerate any kind of mischief but deep inside his heart melts for our love and he does everything to make us happy .

My father is the most special person for me , no one has and no one could influence and inspire me as he had done . He is a true hero for me and I will always look upon him for motivation in my life .

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My hero essay - A Father's Love
My hero essay – A Father’s Love.

Who is a hero ; Someone who is brave , Strong and is ready to face any difficulty ; Someone whom you look upon for inspiration and motivation in life and someone who you want to become in your life . Whatever may be the definition of a hero ; My dad will fit on all those definitions at least for me .

When I was small , My dad used to play a lot with me , we went to travel many places . He even took me to Disneyland by spending his one year of savings . He always protected me when I was a kid and he also taught me to swim and to play football , baseball etc . He is a very nice person to spend time with ; Whenever I think of my dad , All the moments that we enjoy together come to my mind .

He is a Strict and jolly person at the same time  ;He doesn’t tolerate any kind of mischief and wants us to obey him . He has also grounded me many times but I know he does all this for me . He teaches me real world wisdom . He knows this is not the ideal world that the books and the movies show , He knows how life is and tells us how to behave accordingly .

He has taught me that everything in this world is temporary , our friends , Our looks , our status and all but one thing is permanent and that is Knowledge . He has always encouraged me to get as much as knowledge ; and not only bookish Knowledge , Knowledge from as many different fields as we can get . He has taught me not to run for money and other materialistic pleasures but to strive for happiness and satisfaction in anything we do .

He himself is a hardworking and honest man . He is friendly , helpful and has a lot of friends . He is usually very punctual and dedicated to his office work but on holidays we see a different version of our father ; A fun loving man who is a very good cook . On most of the weekends my family spends it’s time together . They are the best days of my leave ; No homeworks , no stress , just family talks , soft drinks , music , barbeque and fun .

I am not an ideal son , Many times I have misunderstood my father , I was foolish enough to even think that my father is jealous of my happiness and don’t want me to have fun in my life , but I am slowly Understanding my father and his actions as I am facing more of the world and am realising the harsh realities of life , He was just preparing me .

“A father’s tears and fears are unseen, his love is unexpressed, but his care and protection remain as a pillar of strength throughout our lives.”

What makes a person a hero? A person can be considered as a hero when he or she is willing to always put others first. Other qualities of a hero include suffering and sacrificing themselves to better the lives of others. To me, ever since I was born in this world, my dad would be my hero not only because he places his family first, but also sacrifices himself for his children and suffers intensively for the family’s well being.

I have never seen someone as my dad in my whole life , The things he has done for me are priceless and I don’t think I can repay all this to him by any means and I know he won’t want me to repay anything , all his life he has and he will only desire for my happiness .


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My dad is my hero
My dad is my hero.

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