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“ Youth fades ; Love droops ; The leaves of friendship fall , A mother’s secret love outlives them all ” .

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My mom is my hero essay 

A hero is one whom we look upon for inspiration ; Someone who we try to become ; Someone whose qualities influence us and inspire us . Everyone can have different heroes , depending on what they like , What they want to become etc but for me ; My hero is My mom.

My mom is a Common – hardworking woman . She did her major in education from the University of Washington and works very hard at a local newspaper company to take care of us along with our father.

Though she is simple ; She has all the qualities that make her a hero for me . All my life I haven’t seen someone as strong as her , as selfless as her and as kind and understanding as her ; I think that’s what most of us feel about our mother . Mothers are always like that , they can fight and they can win even with god for the protection and betterment of their children . My mother has always been there on my side , no matter how tough the condition gets . She scolds me , She has punished me a lot but all that for one pure reason ; For making me a better version of myself .

Many a times I have been a fool , I have argued and fought with my mother , I used to think there is a generation gap between us and she doesn’t understand me but now I know ; She understands me even better than me for I’m a part of her .Whatever she does , Is for my good . She is , and will always be a hero for me .


My mother is my hero - Mother's love is the purest form of love
My mother is my hero – Mother’s love is the purest form of love.

• My mom is my hero long Essay –

When I think of a hero , I think of someone who is brave , strong , hardworking , honest and selfless ; Who can protect me and can make my life better and my mother has all those qualities . Whenever I imagine a hero ,  It’s not Superman or Captain America that come in my mind , It’s the gentle and smiling face of my mother that I remember .

My mom has given me birth , she has carried me and nurtured me for years , I am a part of her and she is a part of me . She has always protected me from all possible dangers , whenever I get hurt , she also feels Equal pain . No one , I repeat no one , Neither your Girlfriends or boyfriends nor anyone you know will ever love you as selflessly as your mother . Most of the people that are with you are there for a meaning . Those who show that they have your back and you can trust them , will eventually leave you when you are no longer needed to them but there’s one soul that will never leave you and that’s your mother .

My mother is the bravest and strongest person I have seen , Not Physically but mentally . I remember that when we were small , my father lost his job and my mother too wasn’t doing a job then as my brother and I were small and she used to take care of us . Three months passed by but my father couldn’t find a job ; Our savings began to dry up and then my mom decided that she would have to do something and she started looking for a job and in 3 days , she found one as she graduated from University of Washington with flying colors.

Though I was a child then , the scenes where my mom used to come from her office at lunch to feed us and then go back again to her office after lunch ; are still fresh in my brain . I could sense the feeling of insecurities and love together in her . She was hardworking and honest and got a promotion within a year . Managing her work and personal life together was challenging but she did ; For us , For her children whom she loved more than anything .

My relationship with my mother has not been ideal one because I am a fool . I can’t even recall how many times I have fought with my mother and the innumerable times I failed to understand her . She always taught me to be humble ,kind and respectful . She used to punish me and scold me If I did bad in School or If I had disrespected someone . Sometimes I even felt that She doesn’t want me to enjoy and to have fun ; But I know the only thing she wants is to see me successful and happy . Her happiness is connected with my happiness and Mine with hers .

Storms blow off a weak fire but the the same Storm helps a wildfire to spread , just like that ; Struggle and problems break normal people but make my mother stronger. 

The day when my hero will have to shed tears because of me will be the darkest day of my life and I wish and I will do everything in my capabilities and power to never let it happen . One Quality of my mom that inspires me the most is her presence of mind and her Quality of smiling even after all the stress from the office and from us.  Sometimes I feel tired and demotivated with things that happen in my school and with my personal life but then I see my mother and I get motivated to face everything .

My mother has always been my hero and No one can ever replace her .

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My mom is my hero
My mom is my hero.

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