Teenage pregnancy Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay about Teenage Pregnancy. (with Pdf)

Teenage pregnancy has been a major concern globally. Despite the fact that adolescent pregnancy can lead to a variety of socio-economic and health issues, recent studies and testimonials from young mothers have revealed that the stereotype associated with it is far more complex than the actual complications.

Teenage Pregnancy Argumentative Essay 

When a female under the age of 20 gets pregnant it’s known as Teenage pregnancy. In Modern-day societies, teenage isn’t considered an age to be a mother as it can lead to severe health related complications, low social status and less economic prosperity. Teenage pregnancy must be PREVENTED but in case a teenager becomes a mother, it shouldn’t be the end of life but the beginning of a new one.(Thesis statement)

82% of the Teenage pregnancies are unintended. The uncertain and unwanted nature of these types of pregnancies leads to a lot of problems. Pregnant women have to take special care of themselves. Along with proper nutritional food and a balanced diet, being stress free is also very important. Stress during pregnancy can have very adverse effects on the child; and adolescent mothers have to face a lot of stress from family, friends and society. Complications during pregnancy and childbirth are the leading cause of death for 15–19-year-old girls globally. 

It is also observed that teenage mothers don’t get support from their male partners and 8 out of 10 teen dads never marry the mother of their child. The teen mom alone has to bear the physical, mental and emotional burden of giving birth to a young one and taking care of it for the first few years. This leads to teenage mothers dropping out of schools. In fact, more than 50% of teen mothers never graduate from high school. Without higher education and proper degrees, getting a high paying job becomes very hard and most of the teen mothers struggle to live a quality life.

Many teens find the solution of the complications of being a Teenage mother in abortions but abortion can’t be the solution. According to WHO out of 5.6 million Teenage abortions, 3.9 million are unsafe and can lead to serious health problems for the Teenage girls. Furthermore, the mental and emotional trauma of killing a part of her own self can be overwhelming for some teen moms and many even describe their lives after abortion to be empty and rather depressed.

In developing regions like Eastern Asia and Northern Africa, teenage pregnancy is a problem associated with inadequate healthcare facilities and poverty but the teen moms and their children get full family support and acceptance in these areas. For developed regions like the U.S.A, the U.K or Europe; teenage pregnancy remains more of a social issue. If adequate healthcare services are provided to teen moms in developing countries and proper social support and acceptance is given to teen moms in developed countries then the problem of teenage pregnancy could be solved to a large extent.

Conclusion – 

It’s past time when we stop stereotyping teen mothers and teenage pregnancy. There’s no doubt that prevention from Teenage pregnancy should remain our first priority as it can lead to socio-economic and health related problems. But when a Teenager gets pregnant, we as family members, as friends, as neighbours and as a member of society as a whole; should try to provide all the love, care and support that a teen mom needs in her crucial times. These acts of ours could save millions of lives and can make their future brighter.


A teen mom with her chi.
A teen mom with her child.

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How to prevent teenage pregnancy essay

Majority of the cases of Teenage pregnancies are unintended and Prevention from Teenage pregnancy is still the best way to tackle this problem. Here’s how it can be done – 

  • Sexual Education and awareness about safe intercourse practices must be taught in schools.
  • Contraceptives such as – pills or condoms should be used, while pills can have side effects in rare cases, Condoms don’t have side effects. They must be kept away from sunlight and should be checked properly before using .
  • Parents should be open to have conversation about these type of topics with their children.
  • Any type of Sexual intercourse must be done in a safe and hygienic place.

Prevention from unwanted Teenage pregnancy isn’t a big deal If certain basics of a safe intercourse are followed properly. The most common being; use of contraceptives to prevent fertilisation i.e Preventing the sperm to fertilize with Female egg (Ovum)

Causes and effects of Teenage pregnancy 

The two main causes of unintended teenage pregnancies are – improper use of contraceptives and lack of sexual education. The panic and confusion after a teen gets pregnant makes teen pregnancies more severe and complicated.

Teenage mothers aren’t generally financially stable and emotionally mature and without proper support from their families and government, they can struggle in living a quality life.


Unintended Pregnancy Among Young People in the United States



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Argumentative Essay on Teenage pregnancy
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