Childhood Memory Essay

Childhood memory Essays [ PDF ] 200 and 500 words .

“ Childhood is a chance for Kids to discover who they are before the world tells them what they Should be ”

Here is a 200 and 500 words Essay On Childhood Memories and We will also teach You ‘ How to write your own Childhood Memory Essay ’

Childhood Memory Essays

Childhood is absolutely the most beautiful and memorable part of our lives . When we were so innocent that we didn’t knew about the consequences of our actions or words , We were not so self conscious and didn’t have much knowledge . That was just pure joy , enjoyment and happiness . Whenever I feel stressed or worried , I remember the memories of My Childhood , which gives me some relief .

My family

I was born in a very caring and loving family and in a very good neighborhood, There were many children with whom I played and enjoyed. Those Children of neighborhood are still my friends and whenever we sit together and remember the games we played and things we laughed at, How silly they were but no doubt; that was the best part of our life.

As a child ( Like everyone else ) , I too was very fond of gifts and surprises ; and My 6th birthday is most memorable for me , I don’t remember much of my earlier birthdays , But on my 6th birthday I got my Little bicycle . I can’t describe in words , How Happy I was . Driving that bicycle and the feeling of cold breeze touching my face ; That was nothing but just pure happiness .

Conclusion –

Some people find relief in alcohol or weed , some people find it in talking to their loved ones but the ones who had a wonderful childhood like me find it in The memories of their Childhood .

• Childhood Memory Essays ( 500 words ) – 

We create memories throughout our lifetime , But the memories of Childhood hits different . The period of pure Innocence and Joy , we didn’t knew to Discriminate , we didn’t knew what anyone will think about us or what anyone would say ; How beautiful that time was , when we didn’t knew anything other than playing and enjoying ourselves .

The memories of Childhood refreshes us the most because with it doesn’t come any type of fear and stress . We were just sweet little kids who wanted to play games with other kids , with our siblings or any other toy we used to fall in love with .

‘We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.’ – Winnie The Pooh

As a child I was blessed to have a good surrounding of friendly and caring people . My parents were very caring and my friends were very mischievous . I also had siblings who loved me ; That’s the perfect combination anyone can get in his/her Childhood and Fortunately I got it and fully enjoyed it .

There are many refreshing memories that I had as a Child , about ;

The Games we Played – There were many children in my neighborhood and thankfully it was a small and peaceful place , So our parents allowed to us play outside for hours , Nearly every child in the neighborhood used to play together and when so many playful and mischievous souls gather together ; one thing can be guaranteed and that is Unlimited Fun . I remember how frequently we used to fight each other and quicker than that we used to become friends again. All that was pure joy and just remembering those moments is giving me goosebumps .

My Doggo ( Marshy ) – When I was 5 or 6 years old , My father bought that fluffy little Dog whom we named Marshmallow . He was a puppy at that time and was very cute , I spent the most time with him as my siblings used to be in their schools and It was I , Marshy and my friends that used to play for hours . Marshmallow too was very fun loving and playful , He used to run and enjoy it with us . He was very friendly and In a very short time , He became my best friend . It still haunts me that he is no longer with us .

My experiences with School – My first day at school was a bittersweet experience . I felt like all my happiness was being taken away from me . It felt like my parents left me in a cell . In Those days , coming home from school used to be the best part as I felt relieved but slowly things changed . I found that all the children there ; are like me and I made some very good friends and Many memorable experiences with them .

Conclusion – 

There’s a famous quote that “Sometimes you have to grow up before you appreciate how you grew up ”.  When I was a small child , I thought that when we become adults then we can enjoy our lives but now as I grow , The feeling that what we lost isn’t just our childhood but the most precious and happiest time of our lives.


Childhood Memory Essay - Everyone's Childhood is different
Childhood Memory Essay – Everyone’s Childhood is different.

How to write your own Childhood Memory Essay-

Everyone’s childhood is different , everyone’s feeling  ,environment of their Childhood and their memories are different , So How can you write an Essay that’s Completely based on your Childhood Memory –

Believe Me ! It’s very simple :- 

1st Step – Introduction 

First of all , You have to write Introduction of Your Essay , Giving brief Information about your childhood , Like the place of your birth , Your sorroundings etc .

2nd Step – Main Body 

In body , You can share some of the incidents or memory that’s fresh in your mind about your childhood or something which you have listened from your parents ; The moments you now feel were precious . Depending on the number of words of Essay , You are writing ; You can share as many memories and experiences of your own .

3rd Step – Conclusion 

Conclusion to your Childhood Memory Essays should be completely based on your own thoughts ; How you feel now about your childhood and how much you miss it.

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• Childhood vs Adulthood Essay –

Childhood vs Adulthood Essay
Childhood vs Adulthood Essay.

When we were small children , we dreamt of becoming adults and when we are adults we dream of our childhood .

Childhood surely is the sweetest part of our life , We enjoy our life to the fullest in this period . We don’t have any obligations for anyone , We don’t have stress of homeworks , relationships , Jobs or anything . We don’t know to hate or to Discriminate , Lack of knowledge really makes things very pleasant in childhood !

But Growing up is universal truth and no one can run from it . As we grow up we gain knowledge and our thinking broadens , We start thinking about ourselves , We have responsibilities ; First as a student , Then as a employee , then as a Parent .

When we grow up , Thinking about our Childhood makes us feel relaxed but there are many things that only adulthood can give , We loose our innocence ; Of course . Still adults enjoy ; They are independent , They go on tours , they do parties etc . No doubt , As they start thinking about themselves and their families , They Sometimes become meaningful ; There’s So much work and responsibilities that stresses them out .

Thinking about their peaceful Childhood make adults feel relieved and relaxed but Childhood and Adulthood are completely different phases of our lives and we should live them and enjoy them thoroughly .

Useful Resource – 

The ‘ Seven Ages of Life ’ A great poem explaining different ages Of Human Life .


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Childhood Memory Essay.
Childhood Memory Essay.

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