Poverty is state of Mind Essay

Poverty is State of mind Essays [ Pdf ] 200 and 500 words .

“ You can take the boy out of Poverty , But you can’t take Poverty out of the boy ” .

Here is a 200 and 500 words Essay on ‘ Poverty is State of Mind ’.

Poverty is State of Mind Essay 

On the basis of the amount of resources one has , people on earth are divided into two groups ; Rich and Poor . The ones that have plenty of resources or money are called Rich and the ones who don’t have resources are called Poor , But are resources the only thing that differentiate Rich and Poor ?

As per Definition ; Money is the only thing that differentiate Rich and Poor But in reality , Mindset is what makes the real difference . A person can be earning millions of dollars but still be poor and and a person living on minimum wages too can be Rich , How ? It is the mindset that makes this difference . Even If you are earning millions and aren’t satisfied with it , You aren’t happy with it and you aren’t willing to spend a small portion of your money for happiness and welfare of others then , YOU ARE POOR .

Even if you are earning minimum wages but you are happy with it , You are trying to move forward , You are hard working and You try to keep your family happy and satisfied THEN YOU ARE RICH .

Conclusion – 

It’s not the Money that brings happiness and makes you Rich , It’s the mindset that creates this Magic .


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Different people have different meaning of poverty
Different people have different meaning of poverty .

• Poverty is State of Mind Essay ( 500 words ) 

There are two types of poverty :- Physical poverty and emotional poverty and both these types of poverty are the results of mindset . What Is Physical Poverty and How is it related to One’ Mindset ? Physical poverty is the general definition of poverty , One who has less money is known as poor and the ones who have plenty of it are known as rich .

What makes someone poor and someone rich , Is it Race , Country , Religion , Gender etc ? No ! we see rich and poor in all the genders , In all the Religion , In all the nations and In all the races . Students studying in the same classroom , Who studied together and played together ; Some of them grow up to be rich and some grow up to be poor . What Causes this difference is nothing but the mindset .

It is the General Trend that the ones who work hard , ones who know the value of their time , are self disciplined and aren’t afraid of taking risks ,grow up to be successful in their lives and the ones who are lazy , who have habit of procrastination ( delaying things ) , who aren’t self disciplined and Don’t know the value of time , grows up to be poor .

Poverty is just a state of Mind , If you have a good state of mind , You have positive attitude and habits that successful people have , then you are surely going to be a successful and rich person and If you are lazy and You love to find excuses for your failures rather than improving it , then no doubt , You are going to be poor and unsuccessful .

There’s an emotional aspect of poverty too , You can become successful in life but you can still be poor , If only materialistic things makes you happy , Then there’s no end to it , You can buy a Lamborghini and you will still think that you are poor because You cannot Gold plate it , Comparing our life’s with others is what makes us feel poor , Running after show offs , Things that we want to own just to increase our prestige in society is what really makes us poor .

Poverty is ; being unhappy with what you have , the feeling of dissatisfaction  and it doesn’t totally depend on how much money you have . There are different definitions of poverty for different people . For a person living in a middle class family , Owning a house in New York and driving an Audi can make him feel rich but For a person who is already a millionaire or billionaire these things are nothing . For them buying a beach in Dubai or touring the moon can make them feel rich .

Conclusion –

Poverty is state of mind and it’s an universal truth . You can have billions of dollars and could still be unhappy with it , If you don’t have a good mindset and you can be happy and satisfied with even a small amount of money If your eternal soul is satisfied . Don’t Run after money and materials , strive for happiness , prosperity and satisfaction of your own hearts and souls .

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• 10 Notable Points from “ Poverty is State of Mind Essay ”

  1.  We should strive for satisfaction rather than money .
  2. Having more money doesn’t make anyone Rich .
  3. Poor people are happy too .
  4. Materialistic needs can never be fulfilled .
  5. It’s the mindset that differentiate the poor from the rich .
  6. Self Discipline and understanding the importance of time are necessary for being successful .
  7. There are rich and poor people in every nation , religion , race and gender .
  8. Positive attitude can make the difference between being successful or not .
  9. Ones that are happy and satisfied with what they have are Rich .
  10. One’s who don’t have Satisfaction and happiness with the resources they have doesn’t matter how much ; Are Poor .

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Poverty is state of Mind
Poverty is state of Mind.

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