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“ To deny people their HUMAN RIGHTS is to challenge their very HUMANITY ” – Nelson Mandela •

Here Is a 200 Words and 500 words essay on Human Rights – 

Human Rights Essay 

Complete essay on Human Rights
Complete essay on Human Rights.

The fundamental rights to which a person is entitled , simply because he or she is a human being are known as Human Rights .These are Universal rights that every human on this earth possess regardless of their age, ethnicity, race , language, religion, or any other status .

Right to live and to sustain it with food , shelter and clothing is the most basic form of birth rights . Freedom of speech and expression , Right to choose own leaders , Right to equality and Freedom to protest are some of the modern and also very important forms of Human Rights.

Many Governments of the world are failing even to provide the basic birthrights like clean drinking water , food and shelter to its citizens . There are Millions of people who are denied their Right to freedom and Right to equality and most of the other basic Rights by force , also known as Human Rights violation .

Conclusion – 

Human Rights are the inalienable rights that everyone on this earth have by birth and No one can take it from them by any means . Philosophers have argued that it is the duty of the state i.e Government to protect these birth rights of human beings and any government failing to grant human rights to its citizens is justified to be overthrown by the natural law .

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• 500 words Essay On Human Rights –

Human Rights are the set of Birth rights and Fundamental rights granted to every man , women and children on this earth for just being a human . These rights are granted to every human in this world without any condition and It is the Governments all across the world that has the duty to protect and safeguard these Rights for their citizens .

Protecting and Safeguarding everyone’s right is a modern concept . Earlier there was too much disparity between the classes , religion and race of people . Tens of millions of Africans and Indians were taken into the slavery system by the European colonizers , even the basic Human rights like Food , water and shelter weren’t available for these slaves .

Racial and Gender discrimination was huge , women were treated like properties and didn’t had Freedom of any kind . Domestic Violence upon wies was so common that it wasn’t even treated as an issue . Racial Discrimination of black people was on it’s peak , They weren’t treated like humans after all . Everything was made separately for Blacks and for others , as if they were a curse .

But sufferings don’t last forever and a bright sun shines after a dark night , for Humanity and Human Rights the Sun shined on 10th December , 1948 .


Eleanor Roosevelt and Hansa Mehta .
Eleanor Roosevelt and Hansa Mehta .

On 10 of December , 1948 UNDHR ( United Nations Declaration Of Human Rights ) was drafted by the members of more than 50 nations in the United Nations General Council and thanks to Hansa Mehta of India and Eleanor Roosevelt ( Wife of Franklin D Roosevelt ) that the article 1 of UNDHR was changed from “ All Men are born free and equal ”  To “ All Humans are born free and equal ” .

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There are various type of Rights granted under Human Rights and everyone should know this :-

  • Freedom from torture, cruelty and slavery.
  • Freedom of movement.
  • The right to marry and have a family.
  • Freedom of thought and conscience and faith are some fundamental natural rights.
  • Right to work.
  • Freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention.
  • Right to a fair trial.
  • Equality before law.
  • The right to a nationality.
  • Freedom of association and peaceful assembly
  • Right to have adequate standards of living.
  • Freedom from exploitation and discrimination.
  • Right to participate in elections etc.

There are many Governments in this world that aren’t providing these basic Human Rights to its citizens till now and not only the Governments are at fault , People themselves Discriminate on the basis of Gender , Race and Religion and fight among themselves and the very beautiful idea of equality in Humanity , Is still a dream . There are hundreds of millions of people who are still suffering and we as humans are failing . It’s time for us to act for the betterment of all of humanity.

Conclusion – 

We should work together for Implementation of HUMAN RIGHTS
We should work together for Implementation of HUMAN RIGHTS.

Human Rights is something that all humans should have . We are lucky to be alive in the time when we are working for development and betterment of whole of the humanity . Education and Communication has played a very vital role in bringing people together and enlightening the ideas of goodness , among us and we should make full use of it .

Government and people all across the globe should work together for Implementation of HUMAN RIGHTS worldwide and Making Our World a Better and safer place to live in .

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• What are Human Rights – 

What are Human Rights
What are Human Rights .

According to Wikipedia – Human Rights are the fundamental rights which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being” and which are “inherent in all human beings” .In simpler language “ The Birth rights (Rights granted to every human by birth) are the Human Rights but understanding Human Rights isn’t that simple as humans have advanced , food, shelter and clothes aren’t the only things they need to be alive .

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Right to live is the most basic and principle of the human rights , earlier humans would only have needed food , water , shelter , clothes and protection to lead a good life But in this technologically and socially advanced world these aren’t the only things that people need to lead a good , peaceful and respectful life .


Human Rights essay - Right to protest
Human Rights essay – Right to protest.

Right to Education , Right to Healthcare , Right to freedom of Faith , Expression and Believe , Right to participate in elections , Right to equality , Right to protest against oppression are some of the modern Rights that are now considered to be Birth rights or Human Rights.

• Human Rights violation – 

There are 193 members of United Nations and all of them are obliged to follow the articles or the rules in UNDHR but many of them keep violating them . In most of the African countries people’s Right to live , is in Danger . Terrorist Organisations , Smugglers and criminals have became stronger and powerful to dominate the common , hardworking people .

In many Countries , People’s Right to choose their leaders , their Right to Freedom of Expression gets endangered time to time like in recent cases of Myanmar and Cuba .

Not Only Governments are responsible for Human Rights violation , even hundreds of years after the suffrage movements  women don’t get equal treatment . There is a huge gender gap in composition of workplace . Crimes against women are also not slowing down . Racial and Religious discrimination can also be observed very clearly .

Scenario of Human Rights violation across the globe •

Many Cases Of Human Rights violation have been observed in the following countries –

Gun killings have become Common in Africa
Gun killings have become Common in Africa.

In african countries like :- Nigeria and Congo killings by gun account nearly to 70% of all deaths . The poor economic condition of these countries and low income of common families acts as a fuel for terrorist and smuggling organization .These organization carry hundreds of illegal activities and are responsible for death of thousands of innocent people .

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In Middle-east , Terrorism and Monarchist rules are one of the greatest barriers for Human rights all across the world . Countries like :- Iraq and Syria are completely destroyed by war and terrorism . Millions of people have lost their human rights there . In Countries like Saudi Arabia , and Qatar people don’t have right to Freedom of Expression , Right to equality , Right to vote and to protest .


HUMAN RIGHTS essay - Racism will not end untill people themselves stop it.
HUMAN RIGHTS essay – Racism will not end until people themselves stop it.

In U.S.A , Discrimination against the Black population isn’t stopping . Millions of black people in U.S.A don’t get equal respect and treatment in society and the recent BLACK LIVES MATTER protests have shown that there is a huge number of people who are suffering even in the world’s largest economy .


Rising rate of crime against women in India is one of the major concerns
Rising rate of crime against women in South Asia is one of the major concerns.

In South Asian countries like :- India , Bangladesh and Pakistan crime rates against women are very high . Domestic Violence is common and there are hundreds of Rape cases daily in large Indian cities like New Delhi .

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In Communist Countries like :- China , Russia and North Korea , Situation is worse . People don’t have right to Freedom , Right to equality etc and They can’t even protest or raise voice against it .


Isarel and Palestine are fighting a deadly war
Israel and Palestine are fighting a deadly war.

Israel and Palestine are fighting a deadly war for Religion . Religious discrimination ( Mostly against Muslims ) is constantly increasing . Many Of the recent terrorist Attacks were associated with Muslims and This has led to growth of hatred against Muslims .


Human Rights - Standing together for change
Human Rights – Standing together for change.

Human Rights are made to protect the  common and hard-working people from the oppression of the powerful . HUMAN RIGHTS is one of the turning points in creation of an ideal human society where no one is oppressed and everyone is equal and has equal opportunities .

Human Rights are made to protect us and so it’s our duty to protect the Human Rights , not only ours but of every human on this earth . We must stand united and strong so that No-one could ever take our Human Rights, our Birth rights away from us .

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Human Rights Essay
Human Rights Essay.

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