[ ARGUMENTATIVE ] Essay On Gun control in The U.S.A .

1,400,000 .. That’s the number of people that have died due to Gun related Violence in U.S.A alone ( Source – Wikipedia ) •

Argumentative Essay on Gun Control 

Gun Control essay - Why some people don't want Gun Control
Gun Control essay – Why some people don’t want Gun Control.

The debate over Stricter Gun control laws in the U.S had continued from very long , but in recent years It has been one of the most controversial topics in the nation and Why Not ! Killings by guns have become one the of biggest reasons for deaths.

People are demanding change in the centuries old ‘ Second Amendment ’ , that was made when the United States was a new country and needed to protect itself from the powerful European colonists . The philosophy behind the Second Amendment was that “ Every Soldier is the citizen of the nation , and every Citizen is the Soldier of the nation ” .

But In recent years , Times have changed ; America is the strongest nation in the world and it’s public security is among the finest in the world . The Law that was made for protection of citizens from foreign invaders is now backing the killings of hundreds of thousands of innocent children , men and women murdered by a Gun’s Bullet.

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The Gun control law has faced too much criticism in recent years from people who believe that it’s the time for Strict Gun regulations ,  but it also enjoys support of millions of americans who think That “ It’s not the Guns , It’s the people who kill ” .

• Understanding Both Sides of the story – 

In Recent years , The support for making the Gun laws strict has been tremendous worldwide but there are many who believe that making the gun laws strict would be ineffective against killings and it will only work in the favor of criminals and would make law abiding citizens helpless.

Why many are happy with the current Gun Laws 

Gun Control - Many believe Tougher Gun Control Laws would make Common people helpless
Gun Control – Many believe Tougher Gun Control Laws would make Common people helpless.

There is a large faction of people that believes making the Gun laws strict will only increase the problems for law abiding citizens. This is a very popular argument against making the Gun laws Strict that “ Criminals are labeled as criminals only because they don’t obey the laws, so making laws to limit the possession and usage of guns would not prove effective against gun-related crimes and would only limit the rights of the law-abiding citizens ”.

“when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”

People believe that if Gun laws are made strict , common people will only find it difficult to get access to Guns while the criminals who get access to every illegal thing will also get access to Guns .


Gun Culture is deepening It's Root
Gun Culture is deepening It’s Root.

Guns are rooted very deep in American culture . It has become a major concern that If the legal selling of guns are banned then black marketing of guns and a GUN CARTEL could be made just like  the DRUG CARTEL , which could be very dangerous .

“ It’s not the gun that kills , It’s the people ”.

It has been argued that Guns are just the medium that people use to kill . If someone wants to kill , he/she will do it anyway , If not from the gun then from a knife or by cars or even by a pencil . Limiting the access to Guns can’t be a solution to the problem because , At the end of the day ‘ It’s the real people who pull the trigger ’ .

Why there has been a recent uproar to make the laws Strict 

Gun Violence has destroyed the lives of millions of innocent families .Various reports show various data , according to the Washington post More than 100 Americans die daily due to shootings by Gun and what’s worse is that , this graph is constantly rising . No one knows when and where the next Big mass shooting will take place .

Many of those who want the Gun laws to be made stricter believe that the Government is ignoring the death of thousands of innocent Citizens under the influence of very powerful and rich weapon lobbies . They believe that this is a fight against the unjust lobbies ruling in Washington .

“The US government  prioritizes gun ownership over basic human rights. Despite the huge number of guns in circulation and the large number of people killed by guns each year, there is a shocking lack of federal regulations that could save thousands.”

A shocking fact is most of the mass shootings are taking place in schools .

“ Schools have become dangerous , I don’t know if my boy is the next . I believed Florida was safe but the recent shootings have proved me wrong and has left me stressed ” – Said a Mother of three Children .


Gun Control essay - Many Innocent students have lost their lives in School shootings
Gun Control essay – Many Innocent students have lost their lives in School shootings.

According to Psychologists , Gun related Violence in schools could leave a Lifelong impact on children . Children’s brains aren’t matured and seeing such Violence in front of their eyes can cause trauma or create hatred in their minds .

A pattern could be seen in Gun related Violence – African Origin Americans are just 13% of the total population of The U.S.A but every other Person to die from Gun related Violence is an African American .

• 53 % of the total deaths by Gun related Violence is of Black Americans , African Americans have 10 times more chances to die from Gun related Violence than their white counterparts.

“The only way to heal is to take action ” – Family Members of a Young Boy who died in Gun Violence quoted this to bbc.

Various organizations and groups are being formed all across the country by those whose loved ones have died due to Gun related Violence and those who sympathize for them and They have Pledged to take action against injustice.

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In gun debate, both sides have evidence to back them up

Where Will the Gun Control Debate Go Now (if Anywhere)?

• [ Writer’s Note ] What Could be the Solution 

In USA - Constitution is backing the possession and use of Guns
In USA – Constitution is backing the possession and use of Guns.

Gun Violence has destroyed lives of hundreds of thousands of families and  will continue to do so ,If actions aren’t taken .

It’s My personal opinion that , The Germany model of Gun Control ( With some modifications ) can be best for U.S. .. if the Government can’t agree over Complete ban on the possession and use of Guns for the Civilians .

• A person’s Background history of Violence , Mental stability , Anger management must be carefully examined before giving him/her the permission to carry Firearms .

• A person should pe properly trained to use firearms before getting it’s License , just like The driving license .

• Firearms license Should be issued for smaller periods so that A check can be kept on Licenced Person’s updated mental , physical condition and his/her crime record .

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Argumentative Essay On Gun Control.
Argumentative Essay On Gun Control.

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