Why the drinking age should be lowered essay

13 Reasons Why the Drinking Age Should be Lowered Essay.

“If you’re old enough to fight and die for your country, you’re old enough to have a beer ” •

Why the Drinking Age should be lowered –

1. The punishments for underage drinking cause widespread harm – 

Population below 21 years consumes alcohol and there shouldn’t be any doubts in it. Sometimes because of peer pressure, Sometimes in parties etc youngsters are getting alcohol and most of the times not in such quantities that they can get out of control But if they are caught, they have to face serious consequences which can damage their bright future.

2. Once Caught , Under-age drinkers have to face serious consequences from their schools and colleges too –

Most of the Under-age drinkers are school and college students and if they are caught by police in any illegal drinking related activities, Schools and colleges take serious action against them. These include probation, loss of financial aid, and sometimes even suspension or expulsion.


Alcoholic beverages have became Common in American high school parties
Alcoholic beverages have became Common in high school parties.

3. Under age non-drinkers too face serious problems – 

According to United State’s MLDA law, An under-age is accused of illegal drinking If he’s present at some party or function where alcohol is being served even if they haven’t drunk or possess alcohol. This faces a serious problem to the innocent non-drinkers and it’s not hidden from anyone that alcoholic beverages have become a common part of U.S high school and college parties.

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4. ILLEGAL consumption of alcohol is indirectly making the coming generation, lawbreakers – 

According to studies, only 1 in 1000 illegal under-age drinkers ever get caught, catching every under age drinker is practically impossible for police. It results in a decrease of fear of law among the coming generations. They stop fearing the law, which overall isn’t good for a healthy society .


High Legal Drinking Age - Leads to dangerous Drinking habits
High Legal Drinking Age – Leads to dangerous Drinking habits.

5. Present Drinking Age causes bad drinking habits among youngsters – 

18 to 21 years old in the U.S don’t easily get alcohol and when they do, they mostly get out of control. In most of the U.S high school and college parties, Binge drinking’s popularity is growing tremendously. Binge drinking is very harmful, getting high dose of alcohol lowers the decision making ability of brain which results in voilence, sexual assault, damage to properties and drink and drive cases.

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6. High Legal drinking age is turning youngsters towards more dangerous drugs –

It’s not a hidden fact that the consumption of cannabis is rapidly rising in American schools. There are many factors responsible for its growth and high legal drinking age is one of the biggest factors for it. Cannabis is also illegal in schools but it is widely available and easily carried, So it gets distributed widely. American high schools and colleges have became one of the biggest consumers of marijuana, which is undoubtedly more dangerous than alcohol.

7. “ High Legal drinking age will result in Low drink and drive cases ” – It is nothing more than a MYTH – 

It has been a very popular argument for increasing the legal drinking age, so that the drink and drive cases could be reduced as 18 year olds don’t have proper judgement, But it has regularly been proved wrong.  A survey found that increasing the drinking age hasn’t actually resulted in decrease of drink and drive cases, Instead It has only transferred the cases from 18-21 years age group to 21-24 years age group, which concludes that It’s not the under-age drinkers but the inexperienced drinkers who drink and drive.

8. Drinking is No more Dangerous for young people than for anyone else – 

In fact ! Various researches have always proved that Young people are more tolerant to alcohol than any other age group. The idea of only banning alcohol for a certain age group, even if they can legally do everything seems ridiculous. If alcohol is dangerous, it’s dangerous for everyone.


The concept of Youth and Drink and Drive
The concept of Youth and Drink and Drive.

Economic benefits of lowering the drinking age to 18 – 

9. Government would get billions of dollars in taxes which could be spent on public welfare – 

11% of total alcohol is consumed by the population below 21 years old and a large part of this alcohol is sold in black, of which the government doesn’t get any revenue from. If legal drinking age is lowered, the government will start getting taxes from this untapped area and can spend it on public welfare.

10. Billions of dollars lost due to damage caused by binge drinking and losses suffered by restaurant and bar owners would stop – 

According to various surveys, an estimated 10-15 billion dollars is lost every year in the damages caused by binge drinking and the damages that bar owners and restaurant owners have to bear if they are caught selling alcohol to the Under-age, all this can stop if the drinking age is lowered.

Benefits of lowering the drinking age to 18 – 

11. The future of hundreds of thousands of youngsters caught every year for illegal drinking can be saved – 

In 2019 alone 225,000 youngsters were arrested for Under-age Drinking. This severely destroys their careers and reputation in society. This could be stopped and the future of hundreds of thousands of people could be made bright. If government decides to lower the drinking age.

12. The whole chain of illegal activities among youngsters could be broken off – 

High drinking has led to black marketing of alcoholic beverages and this black marketing leads to money that is earned illegally and is generally used illegally. This illegal money starts to power local criminal gangs which gradually start doing more illegal activities to earn more money, But this chain could be broken, If the Government lowers the legal drinking age.


• The MLDA ( Minimum Legal Drinking Age ) Law must be amended as It’s illogical , Unfair and simply ridiculous – 

In most of the countries, The legal drinking age is 18 years only and it doesn’t create any problem to them, then why only in the United States. Increasing the Legal drinking age to 21 years doesn’t address the real problem with alcohol. It just looks like shifting the problem to one age group so that others can be safe. It’s unfair and the government needs to find a permanent solution to this problem.

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why the drinking age should be lowered essay
why the drinking age should be lowered essay.

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