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Gun Control Essay

Gun Control Full detailed Informational Analysis

Gun control has been a heated topic in recent years . Regular cases of mass shootings leading to deaths of hundreds of innocent people daily have raised questions on the existence of centuries old Gun Laws. The debate whether Gun law must be amended or not has been most controversial in the world’s largest economy ,The United States of America .

• What Is Gun Control 

Gun control is the policies , legislation and enforcement of measures that are intended to restrict access , possession and the use of arms, particularly firearms. Gun control is one of the most controversial and debated issues in many countries with the debate often circling around the point on whether the regulations on an individual’s right to carry and possess arms are an undue restriction on liberty and whether there is a correlation between guns and crime.

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Pro-opponents of gun-control legislation assert that the strict enforcement of gun-control laws could save lives and reduce crime. By contrast, opponents of gun control assert that minimal restrictions on guns ensure that individuals have adequate means for self-defense and that a wider distribution of firearms results in safer communities.

• The 2nd Amendment Law –

In Recent years , There has been a huge debate in the United States over the Gun Control Laws Mainly Over the SECOND AMENDMENT .

U.S. Constitution’s 2ND AMENDMENT,  states that, “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The basic philosophy behind this law was that “ Every soldier is the citizen of the nation and every Citizen is the soldier of the nation ” , In those times existence of strong armies were necessary for the existence of nations and specially for United States which was a very new nation then and feared the attack of colonial european powers .

• The Debate over Gun Control in United States 

The Debate over Gun Control !
The Debate over Gun Control !

Gun Control has been a major topic all across the world , But In United States Things have reached an extreme level . Mass shootings have become Common . High Income , easy availability of good guns and a law backing the possession of Guns to civilians have increased Gun killings to a next level .

Why People are demanding Stricter Gun Control Laws 

On an average, more than 360 people in the USA are shot every day and survive – at least long enough to get to a hospital .

These are very high numbers . According To , About 39000 children , men and women die every year in the U.S.A in Gun related killings and many believe that these high numbers are because of the loose laws of the American Government against the possession and use of Guns .

Individuals can lawfully carry concealed firearms in public in almost every state in the USA and can lawfully openly carry firearms in public in most states. However, there is no nationwide uniformity in laws governing the carrying of firearms in public and in some states there are no laws at all – 12 states allow individuals to carry concealed weapons in public without any licence or permit . 30 states allow the open carrying of  handguns in public without any licence or permit.


Many Of the Mass Shootings have taken place in schools
Many Of the Mass Shootings have taken place in schools.

People argue that the strong lobbies of rich owner of these Gun factories have prevented the government in making Stricter Gun law * and the government is prioritizing Gun ownership over basic Human rights .

Strict gun laws could reduce the access of common civilians in taking possession of Guns and It could save the lives of thousands of people who die every year getting killed by guns . There are strong stats that back these Claims –

Gun reform works where there are strict controls on access to firearms and well enforced firearms regulations. This is the case for much of Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and most of the parts of Asia like in Japan, South Korea and Singapore the rate of gun related violence is extremely low.

Why Some people don’t want Stricter Gun Control Laws 

Your Good citizens don’t have drugs, but bad people do. If guns are taken away, only the good people won’t have them – Ronald Cruise. 

Many People are happy with current Gun control laws of America and don’t want it to get changed because most of them believe that If stricter Gun control laws are implemented then it would only be the good and common people that will not have access to Gun , whereas the criminals will get access to it just like they get access to all the items that are illegal yet are available to them .


Guns For Attack , Guns for Defense
Guns For Attack , Guns for Defense .. Booming business for manufacturers.

It has been a very famous argument against stricter Gun control laws that these laws to take away guns would not be effective against the criminals, because criminals do not follow the law. Without guns for protection , law-abiding citizens would be totally helpless to defend themselves against the criminals who would then be the only citizens with guns ,

Which would make the law  meant for protection of citizens actually leading to their victimization and possible death . This victimization of the defenseless is even prevalent if the criminal does not have a gun .

According to those who don’t want current Gun laws to be changed “ Guns don’t kill  , People Do ” . According to them , banning the use of Guns isn’t a solution and Guns are necessary for self defense of the law-abiding citizens .

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• The scenario of Gun Control in other parts of the world 

Gun Control - Many countries have banned the use of Guns for common citizens
Gun Control – Many countries have banned the use of Guns for common citizens.

• Japan have placed restrictions on the possession and use of all type of firearms except in limited instances like for hunting, athletic events, and research.

• Canada has allowed the possession and use of firearms for competitions and target practices but it forbids the possession of handguns unless an individual can show that it is needed for his/her self-defense.

•  The United Kingdom has banned the Complete use of handguns altogether and has limited the possession of firearms to activities such as hunting, target shooting, pest control and slaughtering.

• Germany has permitted the ownership of certain firearms as long as an individual meets the requirements for a firearms ownership license which includes :-

The applicant must be age 18 or older and have expert knowledge in the handling of firearms and have the necessity to possess such firearms.

• [ Editor’s Note ] What Could be the Solution 

Hundreds of Innocents die daily in Gun related Voilence
Hundreds of Innocents die daily in Gun related Violence.

The debate over making the Gun laws Strict or not , must not continue for long . Hundreds of Innocents are losing their lives everyday and No one knows when and where the Next Mass Shooting will take place . Change is now the need of hour , If not Complete ban on the use of firearms then the following measures can be undertaken :-

The international standards recommended for prohibition of firearms without a licence; that states should register all firearms; and that unlicensed possession should be treated as a criminal offense , should be followed by the U.S government.

The firearms licence should only be given after careful analysis of the applicants.  The applicant should undergo a comprehensive background check to identify any risk factors, such as :-

• Prior criminal record – especially for violent behavior in the home or community .

• History of gender-based, sexual or domestic violence , history of problematic use of drugs and alcohol .

• Emotional issues, mental health conditions and other circumstances which increase the risks of harm to self or others using firearms. Gun licences should be time-limited and training on how to use the weapon should be mandatory.

• The number and type of weapons that an individual can possess should also be strictly limited with the principles of necessity and credible justification.

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Gun Control Essay
Gun Control Essay.

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