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Why I want to be an Army Officer ?

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Answer Example 1  I want to be an army officer because I feel it is my duty to protect the lives of innocent people , my friends and families and of innumerable beautiful beings living in my wonderful country . Seeing injustice and suffering has always been a pain to me and by joining the army , I want to help the weak and needy people . I will protect my country and its people even if it costs my life .

Answer Example 2 – I want to join the army because I feel an urge inside me to return something to my country and Society , that has given me so much . My country gave me an identity , I grew up in a society that has been very helpful to me . My teachers , my neighbors and everyone were kind to me and It’s my turn to give them something . I will join the army and protect everyone I love .

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Answer Example 3 – I want to join the army and become an officer for the love of my country . Many times I felt that my country is my identity in this global world. Our country needs us . A strong nation is built by a strong army and there are many external and internal threats for the existence of our great nation . I will join the army and eliminate all those threats that threaten our country .

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Why I want to be a military officer - Great respect in society
Why I want to be a military officer – Great respect in society.

Army officers have a very special and important place in our society . Being in the army and serving our country is the highest service . We are able to sleep peacefully in our houses because the army is guarding our borders by staying awake . I too want to do this service for my country , gain respect in my society and protect my people .

Since I was a child , the army was my only goal . The feeling of protecting someone always made me happy . Seeing the news of army officers dying in fighting terrorism , to protect their country and their people … made me both sad and encouraged . I have started training so that when the time comes , I must be ready.

Becoming an army officer is the most important part of my life and I will do it even if it means sacrificing some fun and going through tough training . I must be physically and mentally prepared as protecting my beautiful country is the highest priority for me .

Army Officers are very important for a country and maintain a strict code of conduct . They always have to be calm and strong at the same . It is a very complex job . More than Physical strength army officers are required to have a strong mental determination . I understand the importance of the job of an army officer and I want it from the depths of my heart to be one of them .

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•  Should I Join the army –

Sacrifice of military Officers
Sacrifice of military Officers.

Yes ! If you have physical capabilities that you can pass the army selection and go through its rigorous training process then You should absolutely join the army . Not everyone is blessed with equal physical strength and mental determination . Being an Army officer requires the highest degree of self discipline and sacrifice .

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Army officers have to maintain a strict and proper code of conduct . They must be both physically and mentally strong to take important decisions in crucial times , they are responsible for the lives of many soldiers under their command , So their decision making skills must be fast and accurate , they have to live away from their families even in festivals and be ready to sacrifice their lives for others without a single doubt which demands highest level of self control .

If one can have this type of physical strength , alertness , self control and discipline then one must join the army .

How to become a officer in the army –

There’s no shortcut to becoming an army officer . You have to pass both physical training exercises and academic tests . If you are graduated and have Given SAT or ACT then you can directly attend The Officer Candidate School ( OCS ) but alongside that you also have to clear the Basic Combat Tests .

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• Is joining military worth it –

Why I want to be an army officer - Protecting my beautiful country and it's people.
Why I want to be an army officer – Protecting my beautiful country and its people.

Is joining the military worth all those physical training , academic tests , Discipline and Sacrifices ?

Definitely Yes , Joining the military is hard , it demands a level of sacrifice and determination that very few people have , But if you are among those few people then you must join the Military .

Military officers enjoy very high respect in society , People treat them with honor and respect . Government pays them a good salary and most of the families are allotted government quarters to live in , Government also pays pensions to the retired military officers , So both on Economic and Social terms , becoming a military officer is definitely worth it .

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why i want to be an army officer
why i want to be an army officer.

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