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Technology in healthcare essay 


• Technology in healthcare essay ( 250 words )

Technology has created a revolution in the healthcare sector . We have achieved massive growth in healthcare and medicine , thanks to advanced research and development made possible by technological advancements .

Before technological advancements took place , healthcare was in a very critical state . Sanitation facilities were underdeveloped , diseases caused by mosquito bites took millions of lives every year , approx half of the mothers suffered major problems ( even death ) while giving birth to their young ones .Lack of knowledge about viral diseases also proved deadly for hundreds of thousands of people .

But , Things started to change when research were done by great scientists about nature of human body , causes of diseases etc . The invention of microscope and discovery of smallpox vaccine proved to be turning points in medicinal Technology .

Advance , intense research and development in medicinal technologies is saving millions of lives . High tech machines like :- CT and MRI scans , Ventilators , Kidney dialysis , Artificial hearts , prosthetic limbs aren’t less than some sort of miracles made possible by doctors and scientists .

Essential and live saving drugs could be mass produced and distributed because of technology . Devices like oximeters ( used for measuring oxygen level in the body ) and Glucometers ( used for measuring glucose-sugar level in the body ) can be made available to the larger public at affordable prices .

So , overall Technology has made mass production of life saving drugs and development of high tech medicinal equipment possible that has saved tens of millions of lives till now and will continue doing so .

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• Importance of technology in healthcare 

Advance research and development in healthcare made possible by Technology
Advance research and development in healthcare made possible by Technology.

Technology has proved to be very helpful in healthcare and we can see it clearly in our everyday lives :-

  • The ambulances that take sick and injured people to hospitals .
  • The oxygen support patients are kept on .
  • All the equipment used to measure various aspects of a patient’s body .
  • X-rays , MRI , CT scans used to carefully understood and look inside a patient’s body.
  • All the medicines that are life saving and are mass produced in factories .
  • Surgical equipment used to perform various types of surgeries .

• And most importantly we have harnessed an immense amount of knowledge related to our bodies and cells with the help of Technology .

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• Benefits of Technology in healthcare  

Benefits of Technology in healthcare .
Benefits of Technology in healthcare .

There are innumerable benefits of technology . Technology has strengthened healthcare services and has made them more effective . Cures to most of the diseases are known , basic first aid kits are widely available and the knowledge about good health practices , balanced diet and methods for healing of minor cuts have become popular widely .

Technology has been very beneficial in fighting with viral diseases , earlier the entire population of villages used to vanish because one person would have got affected with a viral disease , it used to happen as knowledge about spread of diseases couldn’t spread in proper time and there were many false beliefs regarding these types of diseases . Many believed it to be work of satans , witches and the wrath of the god .

But now proper code of conduct is followed in case of spread of viral diseases and information about precautionary measures are spread widely with the help of mass communication Technologies .

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• Impact of technology in healthcare 

Impact of technology in healthcare - Large scale production of medicines.
Impact of technology in healthcare – Large scale production of medicines.

Technology has made huge impacts on Healthcare , Infact ! the healthcare and most of the medicinal facilities that we see today are all the products of technological development .

• Technology has made production and distribution of medicines at a large level possible .

• Technology has led the path of invention of  technologically advanced , Hi-Tech equipment possible .

• Technology has made HUGE impacts on treatment of mental illness , earlier mentally ill people had very difficult lives , either they were thrown out of their houses or were admitted to some sort of religious person for treatment of their illness , it was mostly seen as a part of black magic .

Now , with great developments being made in healthcare , the reasons as well as systematic cures for mental diseases are known and are widely practised.

• Future of technology in healthcare  

Advance research and development in healthcare made possible by Technology
Advance research and development in healthcare made possible by Technology.

Healthcare is heavily dependent on technology and in future it’s dependence on technology is only expected to rise .

Research and development made with  powerful microscopes , computers with very high processing power and artificial intelligence will add much to our existing knowledge about nature of human bodies and diseases . Cures to more diseases will be found , there will be mass production and distribution of medicines in much larger quantities.

There will be challenges too , for Healthcare services in future , Diseases like cancer caused by pollution will increase tremendously . There will be more vehicles on the road which will lead to more accidents , population will increase rapidly and providing a good Healthcare system will be a challenge for everyone .

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Technology in healthcare
Technology in healthcare.

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