[ 101 ] Pros and Cons of Technology ( THE ULTIMATE LIST ).

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101 Pros and Cons of Technology List 

• Pros of Technology :-

Pros of technology essay
Pros of technology essay.

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  1. Technology has made our lives easier .
  2. Various electric appliances , Internet and other technologies together makes our work easier and life more comfortable .
  3. We have billions of pages of information available in a single click, made possible by the search engines and the world wide web .
  4. Access to knowledge has become cheap .
  5. In earlier times , only the wealthy men could afford to read , but know Knowledge is Universal , Anybody who has a data connection has access to all kinds of knowledge .
  6. Learning different things became easier .
  7. Anyone who wants to learn anything , can learn it from the internet .
  8. The internet has given everyone an equal stage .
  9. Internet has become like a Global platform where everyone can display their talents , so the world could recognize them .
  10. Today’s mainstream singers like :- Justin bieber , Billie eillish etc first became viral on the internet only .
  11. The internet is giving everyone an  equal opportunity to show their talents and shine .
  12. Technology helped us to take great leaps in healthcare .
  13. Today we have cure to most of the diseases in the world because of advance technological development in the healthcare sector .
  14. Essential medicines could be mass produced and distributed at cheap prices .

    Online doctor consultations helps many patients
    Online doctor consultations helps many patients.

  15. Medical equipment too is now mass produced so that people can do basic check-ups from their homes .
  16. Advanced research facilities helped us in understanding the human body .
  17. We know what effects certain nutrients have on our body and how to control it’s measure in our body .
  18. The working of hormones too are now known and also how to control them .
  19. Technology even made artificial production of essential hormones like :- Insulin , Possible.
  20. Prosthetic limbs , Brain surgeries , Kidney dialysis , Artificial hearts are some of the miracles of healthcare Technology.
  21. Technology took us to space .
  22. Technology has made us an interplanetary species .
  23. Humans sent other humans to space , moon and will send humans even to other planets , just because of space Tech .
  24. We can now observe the events happening millions or billions light years away , with the help of giant telescopes .
  25. Ssatellites are helping in faster internet and mobile connections , predicting weather and many other things .
  26. Technology has increased our mobility .
  27. Traveling thousands of kilometers has become just a matter of hours with air transport .
  28. There are trains like maglev that travels at a speed of more than 500 km/hr .
  29. Transport of Goods from one nation to another is now easy with huge cargo ships .
  30. Faster transport system has increased our productivity and efficiency .
  31. Technology has given a different shape to our society .

    Pros of technology - A global platform
    Pros of technology – A global platform

  32. It helped us to get rid of superstitions and false beliefs .
  33. In medieval times , thousands of people accused of being witches were killed every year .
  34. Bad harvests or natural calamities were thought to be the wrath of the gods .
  35. But , with development in print and mass communication Technology , these false believes are losing to reason and logic .
  36. Advent of print and mass communication Technologies also bought many radical changes .
  37. When we look into history , we find that printing press Technology was indirectly responsible for both democracy and Communism .
  38. When Books became cheap and newspapers started to get published people started to organize themselves in groups and brought revolutionary changes .
  39. The ideas of leaders reached more people through books and news paper and gave common people the sense that they aren’t alone .
  40. Technology had a great role in the success of suffrage movement , right to vote moments and many such movements and revolutions.
  41. News from all parts of world is available for everyone .
  42. Technology has connected this world .
  43. People make friends from different parts of world on social media .
  44. There are communities for everyone on social media , where they can share their thoughts .
  45. We can connect with our old friends and distant relatives through social media .
  46. Technology helped in increasing food production .
  47. Earlier food shortages were common , bad harvests led millions of people to starve.
  48. With Technological development  Fertilizers , Manures , heavy farming vehicles were made which increased farm production .

    Food production Increased because of Technology
    Food production Increased because of Technology.

  49. Meat and other edible products can be kept safe for a long time with refrigeration and cold storage facilities .
  50. Technology has led to development of many industries and has given jobs to millions of people.
  51. So , Overall Technology improved the living standard of human beings and had made us smarter .

• Cons of Technology :- 

Cons of technology essay
Cons of technology essay.

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  1. Technology has made us dependent on it.
  2. Whether it is washing clothes , dishes or baking things , we need appliances for everything .
  3. Students search for everything on the internet which kills their own creativity .
  4. To search information about any topic , to write essays or research papers students had to read whole books but now they just copy and paste it from the internet .
  5. The internet has lead to distractions in work and education .
  6. Some video games are so addictive that they destroy the lives of many bright students .
  7. Popularity of video games has overshadowed physical games .
  8. Obesity which was a mid age disease occurring mostly in office going men and women is now Common in children too .
  9. Less interaction with physical games and work has made children weak.
  10. Playing video games or using smart phone for hours has adverse effects on eyes and also lead to many other health issues .
  11. People are getting addicted to their mobile phones .
  12. Smart phones have become everyone’s best friend .
  13. Spending too much time on phones and laptops decreases physical and social interactions of people .
  14. Human beings are social animals and now or then we need our society and our family on our side .
  15. Internet has connected the world but destroyed families .
  16. Spending too much time online slowly destroys a family’s internal bonding .

    Has Technology has made us alone
    Has Technology has made us alone.

  17. Before the internet and social media boom , friends and families were a very important part of a person’s life .
  18. But now ,the Internet has taken place of both a friend and a family .
  19. We have to understand that , when we are ill or face any problem , it would be our real friends and family that would stand for us .
  20. A person might have a following of thousands on social media but not a single real friend to whom they can share their feelings with .
  21. Social media has led to celebrity culture .
  22. There were celebrities before social media too , but now because of Social media celebrities have become influencers.
  23. These influencers , generally are popular and rich and showcase their rich lifestyle for promotion etc .
  24. Many fans of the so called influencers try to live like them , but the general problem is they aren’t as rich as their influencers , so they take loans or go on a wrong path .
  25. The whole celebrity culture is destroying millions of lives .
  26. Many people try to look like famous people and undergo many different types of surgeries to look like them and eventually mess Everything up .
  27. Social media has also Increased the pressure to be beautiful and pretty.
  28. Everyone uploads their photos on social media and they get ‘ likes ‘ .
  29. To receive more likes or to be recognized in this celebrity culture  people start using Artificial methods to look beautiful .
  30. Skin surgeries to get a fair and fine face have become Common in countries like South korea and Japan where celebrity culture is at its peak now .

    Rapid Increase in Skin surgeries to look more beautiful.

  31. News travels very fast on the internet and so does fake news .
  32. With so many sources of news and a competition to be the first in delivering any news , Many reputable news agencies sometimes spread fake news .
  33. Cyber bullying has become Common .
  34. If anyone expresses their views on any topic which might offend someone , they are trolled.
  35. Hate speech spread by internet and social media has led to countless riots .
  36. Binge watching is a new trend among youngsters , to watch any of their favorite web series or anime , they skip sleep , study , Everything for days .
  37. Po*n addiction too , has become common .
  38. Technology has led to pollution .
  39. The gases coming out of Refrigerators , Air conditioners , Cars , Factories etc has polluted the air and had also led to ozone layer depletion .
  40. Untreated chemical and human waste being discharged into rivers has led to water Pollution and clean drinking water has become a problem .
  41. Hundreds of cargo shipments falling into the sea , Oil tanker spills also contribute to water Pollution.
  42. Deforestation for establishment of new cities and Industries has led to decrease in ground water level and floods .
  43. Disposal of recyclable plastic wastes into the soil has resulted in soil pollution .
  44. Pollution , road accidents are killing millions of people every year .
  45. Technology has led to overuse and depletion of resources .
  46. Robotics and Artificial intelligence technology have also become a challenge .
  47. Mechanical robots working in cars and heavy machinery plants has already resulted in the loss of jobs for more than 5 million people .

    Cons of technology - loss of jobs
    Cons of technology – loss of jobs.

  48. The radiation generated by mobile phone is very harmful for the birds .
  49. Increase in industry and the number of vehicles have increased Global warming causing an increase in overall temperature of earth and rise in sea levels.
  50. So , Technology has also led to pollution , celebrity culture , fake news etc .

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Pros and cons of technology
Pros and cons of technology

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