Impact of Technology on society - Fading relationships

Impact of technology on society essay [ Negative – Positive Impacts ]

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Impacts Of Technology on society essay 

Impacts of Technology on society essay
Impacts of Technology on society essay.

( Introduction )

Modern Technology has completely transformed our Society both in Good and Bad ways . Technologies such as the internet have made our world , A global village in which everything and everyone is connected . Social media has become the universal platform which everyone with an Internet can access , Earth was never as connected as it is now .

( Body )

We are living in a period of Great change when societies and cultures are getting Interconnected ; Americans and Europeans are listening to Korean Music and watching Japanese Animes whereas Korean and Japanese are learning to speak English . Chinese Martial arts and Indian Yoga is being taught worldwide and Italian and North American dishes are being served across the globe. All these happened within a span of a few decades , Directly or indirectly because of Technology .

Mass communication Technology , Internet , Social Media all helped together to spread awareness about Racial , Gender Discrimination , Inequality and many other burning issues which had a very positive Impact on our society But not all the changes in society due to Technological advancements were sweet , 

The Technologies that helped to fight race and gender inequalities , Created many other types of differences . The difference between rich and poor , The difference between Successful and Unsuccessful . Technology has increased competition , the pressure to be successful and good looking is on it’s peak . It has caused self doubtness , Anxiety and depression among millions of people . Cyber bullying , Fake news and Polarisation are also some problems that society faces due to Technology .

( Conclusion ) 

Human society keeps on changing , With the invention of fire and tools ; We became Hunter – Gatherers . With the Knowledge of growing crops , We started settling . Settlements became larger and the Human Society was formed and Just like everything else , This society keeps on moving and changing . For now Technology is just the factor that’s causing this change and whether this change will be Good or Bad depends on all of us for how we accept or reject these changes .

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Positive and Negative Impacts of technology on society essay 

Technology has proved to be a double edged sword to society , on one side it has a number of benefits on the other side it has many negative impacts .

Let’s Discuss the positive and negative impacts of technology on society in details –

Impacts of technology on society - Increasing knowledge
Technology has helped to increase the knowledge of mankind .

• Positive impacts of Technology on society –

Technology has contributed to making an equal society . Print technology played a very crucial role in spreading the ideas of democracy , equal rights and freedom all across the world which in turn created the form of society we live in today .

Technology has made our society more reasonable and Logical . Earlier , due to lack of knowledge and education many people believed in superstitions , witchcraft etc . Technology helped in the spread of education which demolished these false beliefs. 

Today , We have information about all the parts of the world and in times of crisis , one part of the world helps the other, all thanks to Technology .

Mass communication and Digital media is helping to erase the gender , race and nationalities gap between  people . Various moments like ” Me too ” and ” Black lives matter ” spread like wildfire online and strengthened them .

Various organizations helping the specially abled , orphans , old and home less people get funding online and on various occasions people help each other online by crowdfunding making our society better than before .

• Negative impacts of Technology on society –

Social Media and Internet are limiting the Physical interactions of people and It’s making them self-centered . The algorithms of Social Media Apps Like Instagram , Youtube , Tiktok etc are designed in such a way so that they can keep their users retained as long as they can , Which makes many people addicted to their smartphones . 

Technology has led to the rise of Celebrity culture , Which can be very harmful for our society in the long run. Common people are trying to copy the lifestyle of celebrities , By buying expensive products and using various things to look beautiful and increase their status in Society but It destroys their real identity. 

Technology has tremendously increased the competition for jobs and good colleges . To get admission in a good college , students now have to compete with people all around the world and for getting a good job ; Candidates not only compete with other candidates all across the globe . This scenario will only get worse with Increase in population and more use of Artificial intelligence .

Cases of cyberbullying and Fake news are increasing rapidly , which causes major disturbances in personal life of many people and the society as a whole .

Impact of technology on society essay pdf –

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Impacts Of Technology On Society.
Impacts Of Technology On Society.

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