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Does Technology Make Us More Alone – Argumentative Essay.

The effects of technology on our mental well-being are still unclear, while it is an undeniable fact that more people than ever are feeling lonely but is this change due to technology or other factors still remain controversial.

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Does technology make us more alone essay

Modern technologies have changed our world. It is often argued that the Internet and Social media have made this world a global village where everyone with an internet connection is connected in real-time to a worldwide platform. These technologies may have connected people all across the globe but they have also created invisible walls of separation between friends and families.

Social media apps like: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Tik tok, Youtube etc are corporations that operate for profit. The amount of money they make depends directly on the amount of time we spend on their apps. These companies spend Millions of dollars every year to make their algorithms smarter so that they can get as much audience retention as possible. To generate more profits Big-tech companies are intentionally making people get addicted to them.

Everyone on social media seems to be happy and successful. The Internet has set certain parameters that define happiness and success. When people fail to qualify on these parameters they tend to cut themselves off from society. In a study conducted by Researchgate, It was found that technology not only makes us more alone but it also leads to self doubt, depression and anxiety. 

It is true that Modern technologies have connected our world like never before. We have 24*7 access to World wide news and Recreational, Informational and messaging services over the Internet but no-one can deny the fact that on an individual level it has worked more for isolation than connection. The pressure to be successful has led to many to fake their lifestyles, to fake relationships and even fake their emotions. 

Does technology make us more alone conclusion –

Technology is changing the way humans behave, react and interact with each other. Big corporations are manipulating this change and are making money by cutting people off from the real world and making them addicted to a virtual world. This virtual world projects an unrealistic version of beauty and success that only few can pass and millions of those who don’t are pushed to loneliness and even depression.

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Does Technology makes us more alone
Does Technology make us more alone.

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