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Technology Essay

Short Essay on Technology –

( Introduction )

Technology is one of the biggest achievements of mankind but it’s also associated with problems as severe as annihilation of the whole human race . Technology is everywhere , from the cars we travel in , to the smart phones we use , From the clothes we wear to the houses we live in  but It’s also behind deadly riots , nuclear wars and cheap piracy.

( Body )

There’s no doubt that Technology has changed our lives , it has made it much easier to live  , Mass production of food and good healthcare has absolutely increased life expectancy . Mass media and digital Technologies have connected people of different nationalities , cultures and ethnicities together . The form of globalization where most of the countries of the world would be open to everyone was unimaginable earlier and now it’s the truth we live in .

But not all the changes brought by technology are that sweet . Technology is responsible for the ever growing problems of pollution , wars , false news , changing lifestyle of people making them more and more concerned about their physical looks rather than their skills and Morales .

( Conclusion )

Technology is ever growing and ever changing , from the spinning Jennies ( the earliest machines that had multiple spindles ) to the International Space station , Technology has evolved and it will continue to evolve . Changing our lives , making it more comfortable and luxurious than before , Changing our society , giving rise to new cultures that will be Global and digital , making us lonelier and alone . Technology will keep changing and we will continue to change along with the Technology .

Long Essay on Technology –

( Introduction )

” Technology will be as important as oxygen to the Humans ” . If someone would have told this to a person living in the 1800’s , It’s obvious that the person wouldn’t have believed it … Most probably He/she wouldn’t even be knowing the meaning of this word ! Now look around us , Technology is everywhere . From Information technology , Science technology to Fashion technology and Gaming technology , In one form or another it is always around us and even in the form of widespread diseases and the constant fear of nuclear wars .

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( Body )

Does technology make us more alone 

Has Technology has made us alone
Has Technology has made us alone .

This is a very common question that arises every time we talk about technology . Has technology made us more alone and the answer is a big YES ! Technology has connected us with people all across the world but it has created invisible walls of separation between friends and families . People nowadays, have more than a thousand friends on Internet but not a single true friend with whom they can share their thoughts and could spend quality time with.

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Everywhere we go , we see people with smartphones . Smart phones have become their best friends , they have stopped socializing , creating friends and enjoying moments just so that they can spend more time in the online world rather than the real one .

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How Technology changed our lives 

Technology is helping many businesses to grow
Technology is helping many businesses to grow .

Technology has changed our lives and that for better , There shouldn’t be any doubt in it . Technology has made our work easier and our lives more comfortable . The electronic gadget you are using now to view this essay  , the washing machine your clothes are washed in , the car in which you travel distant places all are the result of Technological Changes .

Good Technology has helped us Understand things better and gain much knowledge than our previous generations . Technology has increased Food production , Lowered the death rates , has made education accessible and the list goes on .

Impacts Of Technology On society 

Effects of Technology on society essay.
Effects of Technology on society essay.

Technology and Society have a strange relationship . In some ways Technology has contributed in making a Good and smarter Society and in some ways Technology is the biggest factor responsible for some of the worst social problems .

Technology is responsible for the creation of many online societies and no one can deny that these online communities and groups have connected millions of people together and has started a cultural change but these large communities with very loose system of fact checking become easy target for anti social elements to spread hate , false news and polarization thus creating a divide in our society .

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( Conclusion )

After all we have discussed about Technology , one thing is clear that Technology is a double edged sword . If it’s handled properly  with proper administration and Good Intentions then It’s one of the greatest achievements made by humans and If it’s used to make weapons of Mass destruction , for cyber bullying and data breaches then one day it will prove to be a curse to human civilization .

• Advantages and disadvantages of technology essay –

Technology has been both :- A revolutionary change and a destructive outcome .

Advantages of technology –

Technology essay - Advantages of Technology
Technology essay – Advantages of Technology

• Technology has made our lives easier – there shouldn’t be any doubt in it , All this progress that we have made is just because of the advance technologies that we acquired .

• Technology has made our world more connected and updated – Today we have access to news and information from all across the globe . Everything that’s happening in the world is just a few clicks away from us.

• Technology has made treatment of deadly diseases possible – The diseases which were earlier considered as the ” statement of death ” are now being easily cured all thanks to Advanced equipment and high quality medicines made available by technology .

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• Technology has made people smarter and more reasoning –  Think about the days when technology was not widespread and people were trapped in false beliefs and superstitions , when Some mental diseases or bad weather were considered as the curse of the gods and people did various things to please their gods .

• Technology has led to the development of industries – With the advent of more and more advanced technologies , industries today are developing at the rate that were earlier considered as impossible .

• Technology has developed HUMANS as a race – In the recent 100 years humans have developed as much as or even more than they developed in the earlier 10000 years , we sent humans to the moon , sent our rovers to other planets and harnessed the gifts of nature for a greater good .

Disadvantages of technology –

Technology essay - Disadvantages of Technology
Technology essay – Disadvantages of Technology

• Technology is biggest factor responsible for pollution :- It seems that technology is directly proportional to the level of pollution . As the technology advances , the level of pollution increases . With the increase in Industries and automobiles , the pollution levels increase too.

• Technology gave rise to a totally artificial world of showoffs and glamour –  Rise in advanced modes of communication and social media like :- Instagram and Facebook is encouraging people to follow the lifestyle of celebrities that has a very devastating effect on a person’s own personality and life .

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• Mental illness like Depression is also a by-product of Technology – Technology has increased the pressure of being successful , pretty and rich , .. not coping up with the pace of the modern world and the artificial lifestyle set up by the social media , results in fear , anxiety and depression .

• Technology has made the construction of mass destruction weapons possible – New Technologies have created such weapons of mass destruction that have unimaginable power and destructive capabilities . Chemical weapons and nuclear warheads have even the power of annihilating the whole human race .

• Technology has made our world vulnerable to widespread epidemics – Just think about the havoc COVID-19 made in our world . It was a dangerous viral disease . These types of epidemics have come earlier but none was as widespread as The CORONA thanks to technology that made our world interconnected with various modes of transportation .

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Technology essay - Essay on Technology
Technology essay – Essay on Technology.

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